DC: Daily... Where Is Tiffany Smith?

Not loving the new format and really miss Tiffany Smith presenting the news. Hope to see her back on DC Daily soon.


She’s making a movie abou Prince Harry’s wife for the lifetime channel. :slightly_smiling_face:

i miss her too

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We decided to get married… Name our first kid Dee Cee. I proposed to her just yesterday… She just… Doesn’t… Know it yet?

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Thinking About the Next Movie in The DCEU

DC™ Ambush Bug " The 4th Wall Break "

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Ambush Bug, I’ve thought for a while now that Irwin would be a great addition to the lighter films in the DCEU (which I realize isn’t it’s name). Just have him sitting in a cafe in a film like Shazam, break the fourth wall, snark on something, and then POIT !

Ambush Bug could make cameos every film like Stan Lee. lol