DC Daily Talks: Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Infinite Crisis

Hi Everyone!

We at DC Daily are continuing our chats about the Tales from the Dark Multiverse Series with Infinite Crisis, next!

We would love to know your favorite moments from this book, even if devastating!

Please comment below and you might just see it on an upcoming episode of DC Daily!

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I’m really glad I had already read all the Infinite Crisis tie-ins, because it was crazy how Tynion managed to work in every thread from that event into this one issue. It was a great payoff for those of us who knew everything that was going on, and it was awesome to see Blue Beetle really get the spotlight here. I also loved how some of Lopresti’s panels directly called back to some of the originals. It was a big, dark love letter to Infinite Crisis, and it was fantastic

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This was a great read.

It successfully weaved in all of the mini-series that led into Infinite Crisis while still feeling new and fresh, and never once did the whole shebang feel like a retread.

O.B.A.C. is an awesome twist to Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle legacy, and would make for a rad addition in a line of DC Collectibles produced “Tales of the Dark Multiverse” action figures.

As a huge Ted Kord fan, it was a bit heartbreaking seeing him be so, so wrong.

Who knew?! - I would rather see Ted shot in the head than survive to take over!