DC Daily Talk Panels

What do you all think of the DC Daily Panels? I kind of like them. Not every topic I’m interested in, but I appreciate them trying to add discussion themed segment. My favorite panelist is Clarke Wolfe. She offers a very articulate opinion and I can’t but find her charming as well. John Karounous was a good lead panelist/host, but I’m glad to see them rotating the hosts now.

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I completely agree. The panels are both entertaining and informative, as well as help build excitement around all things DC. At first, I was concerned they would spend more time on movies and TV at the expense of comics, but that hasn’t been the case. I also appreciate how the different do each add unique voices to the discussion.

I binged all of last week’s news earlier today.


I love the panels! I enjoy the variety in discussions, and that they actually talk about comics and artwork instead of just movies and TV. The rotating panelists add variety too. I mentioned this already in another post but I’ll repeat it here; I also enjoy that it at least seems as if they are allowed to express their opinions honestly which is a good thing. If they don’t enjoy something they should be allowed to say so, other wise it’d just be a commercial.

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I enjoy them as well. The only little thing in wish is they were longer.

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Looking for a place to stay I would have loved to have seen Sam’s whole discussion of Barry Allan being the vilian of flashpoint I could have listened to more of that