DC Daily Schedule 8/05-8/09

DC Daily comes roaring back next week with highlights from across the universe. We’re talking animation, we’re talking finale, and we’re cooking things up once again in The Kitchen! If you didn’t see today’s segment in The Kitchen making toitle soup, you’re in for a treat in more ways than one.

MON (8/5): Justice League Unlimited: S2E8 w/ Echo Kellum
TUES (8/6): Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 18 discussion
WED (8/7): Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 19 discussion
THURS (8/8): Swamp Thing Finale recap and discussion
FRI (8/9): The Kitchen

Make sure to catch up and tune in!


:woman_superhero: Looking forward to Thursday & Fridays shows for sure! I mean I am always thrilled to watch all of the DC Daily episodes. The cast is always a delight! Particularly looking forward to the SwampThing & the kitchen chit chat on the show! :woman_superhero:


I had great fun with the JLU episode.

The actress playing Lex’s girlfriend is great. I heard she add libed some of her line and they kept them in because they were better than the script.

And the line by ‘Lex’ in the bathroom was great.

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The Kitchen as in the movie, or will there be another cooking episode?

@DTMO The movie. I imagine they’d talk about the comic too.

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