DC Daily Schedule 7/29-8/02

Breakin’ it down, DC Daily style! Below we have just a few highlights from our full slate of noms:

MON (7/29): Batman: Hush w/ Jason O’Mara
TUES (7/30): Young Justice: Outsiders Ep 16 w/ Echo Kellum
WED (7/31): Young Justice: Outsiders Ep 17 w/ Echo Kellum
THURS (8/1): Swamp Thing Ep 9 Discussion
FRI (8/2): Special Surprise Cooking Episode!

Be sure to join us every day to stay up to superspeed on all things DC! Will you be tuning in? Be sure to let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments below!


Special Surprise Cooking Episode? TOITLE SOUP???


I’m hoping for a Negative Man surprise cooking episode.

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I’m hoping it’s something to do with Titans Season 2!

Cooking you say? That’s sounds flavorful (and keen).

Will there be a safety segment on how to properly use a microwave in a Schreck’s department store? Somebody coughCatwomancough needs to know.


So hyped for Batman hush. Same with two young justice episodes being released at once

Sounds awesome
So is Alfred going to show his culinary skills.

With Hush so recently released, i will hope they keep a lid on spoilers.

Cooking Episode?!?!?!?! This is my jam!


Right?! Where has my partner in the kitchen gone? @mr. marooned Where Are You?
DC Daily is finally getting in the kitchen. I bet they need a recipe. … Psst. There are ideas in the posts from when Doom Patrol was happening out there! Negative Man’s Cookbook… Let us know when ya all want more my Super Fan Friends! :coffee:

When Avery was cutting up that poor Toitle, I could not help but think of all the Mutegens in the Swamp where the Toitle came from. Was that Toitle a Mutant Toitle? Was it a Teenager? Did it have Ninja abilities? Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Toitle was Avery cutting up and did he add some Swamp Thing parts to the soup as well? Yum!

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