DC Daily Schedule 7/08/19 - 7/12/19 + Whitney Moore Instagram Takeover!

It was excruciating to be away, but DC Daily is coming back and better than ever next week!

But first, we have a very special appearance from Whitney Moore TOMORROW, Saturday, July 6th @TheDCUniverse Instagram- she’ll be commandeering the account and running it as she sees fit, starting at 10am PST/1pm EST. Head on over and show her some love! You can find her at @TheDCUniverse or via this handy shortlink: yourdcu.com/igdcu

As for DC Daily episodes proper, here’s what we have in store for you:

Mon, 7/8 – The Button
Tues, 7/9 – Young Justice S3E14 with special guest Jason Spisak
Wed, 7/10 – Justice League Unlimited S1 E6/Supergirl Statue
Thurs, 7/11 – Swamp Thing Ep 5
Fri, 7/12 – Swamp Thing Ep 6

If it’s DC, you better believe we’ll be talking about it over on DC Daily. Make sure to tune in and stay up to superspeed!


Looks like a good schedule. Can’t wait for Dc Daily to be back :smiley:


Ooo hoo hoo, JLU you say? That’s good watchin’, especially on New Comics Day!


Love it, hope this schedule is a regular feature. This means I can read or watch the topic before the episode.


When is star girl coming tomorrow to the team

Nice! I loved reading the button. I’m happy the weeks over and the shows back.

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So where’s all Whitney’s instagram stuff? There’s a Hi and a Bye and nothing in between.

@Markhb, she used Instagram Stories, which expire after 24 hours :slight_smile:

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@Applejack, shoot… thanks!