📫 DC Daily Podcast Mailbag: The Great Justice League Bake-Off! 📫

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This week, we’re imagining The Great Justice League Bake-Off hitting television: Members of the Justice League and Justice League Dark must compete against each other in a no-holds barred baking contest. The stakes are high! What are our character’s “Show Stoppers”? Are they a success?

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Swamp thing can bring a tropical flavor to his bakes, want pineapple boom let me just pull it off my elbow, oh we want apple pie bam grab this shiny Granny Smith off my back. I’d imagine he’d make a fruit pound cake that would give you the trip of your life.


According to DC Daily’s own Sam Humphries, Jessica Cruz got really good at baking during her 3 years in solitude. She’s got this.

Of course, nobody’s got Martha Kent beat when it comes to pie, and Superman’s got to know the recipe by heart. When it comes to heat, Clark’s vision is always precise.


Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing would be unbeatable as far as fresh fruits and vegetables. And since I’m vegetarian, I’d be thrilled to have them supplying the food. I also trust Ivy, because she will see that I truly care about the plants.


I think Alfred might be the culinary master of the DC Universe. He has to have perfected his cooking after all these years taking care of Bruce. So, with the other suggestion, I can see Alfred, Ivy, and Swampy being the perfect trio in the kitchen.


Interesting. @Mr.marooned Have you been baking & making anything lately?

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