DC Daily Panel

I’ve been watching the DC Daily show since the first episode. I like it. It’s not perfect but it’s a nice thing for me to watch when I get home from work to catch up on all the DC news I may have missed. When it comes to the panel it’s a bit harder to swallow.

I really only have one gripe here: Harley Quinn Smith. I love Kevin Smith. I’m a big fan and I listen to all his podcasts and overall love what he represents. I like his daughter too. She’s seems very nice. But her dad is 100% the only reason she has this gig. Which on one hand good for her. She’s working and gaining experience. On the other hand… she’s terrible at this. She knows next to nothing about the DC Universe or anything that doesn’t involve Harley Quinn. And she barely even speaks. When she does it’s rarely anything meaningful that adds to the conversation. I get very embarrassed for her when she’s on an episode.

They really should give her a different role in the show. Being on the panel does not suit her.


I don’t like her exgerggated excitement for every little thing and the clap she does sometimes but other than that she’s not that bad. She needs to relax and be more casual.

She comes off as the fakest


I’ve only seen her on two shows so far, the first and the on yesterday on oct 15

I don’t feel like any of the panelists demonstrate a deep knowledge of the DC Universe. They mostly speak in generalizations about their most basic reactions to whatever it is they’re talking about. This is probably by design, but I wish they took deeper dives with stronger, more informed opinions on the panels. They really need an Yvette Nicole Brown type. That said, I still enjoy the panels and think you are being a little harsh on Harley. She hasn’t been on many shows, and they made it clear that she is there as a conduit for younger audiences. Her demeanor and communication style reminds me a lot of my younger sister who is very close to her age.


I take it back; Sam Humphries brings a lot of deep divey knowledge. We need more of that.


I feel Harley still isn’t the most comfortable in front of the camera, but we should give her a chance. I mean after all her dad is the Fatman on Batman (or not so fat anymore) and she has the knowledge. That’s just my opinion, give the girl a chance :slight_smile:


Need more Amy Dallen on these! She’s very knowledgeable and just a joy to watch.


I doubt she’s as knowledgeable as anywhere near her dad but am sure knew some stuff before getting the job and learning things in every episode she does like maybe pick up a comic that the hosts talk about or watch old films and shows.

Harley does seem a bit uncomfortable on camera. I thought it was slightly odd in the last episode that no questions seemed to be thrown specifically at her, which meant she kind of had to jump into the conversation. But I thought she was good “in the field” at NYCC. So it might be just a matter of her getting more comfortable with the format.

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She’s the least experienced to be sure, but a couple others come off as phony DC cheerleaders. They need a little more age diversity. DC fans aren’t just 20-somethings. Get a few more cast members in Barrowman’s age range.

Interesting and ironic enough, Barrowman and that other young actor come off as the most authentic fans lol

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The point is: She shouldn’t be on the show. I’m not being harsh on her. She just doesn’t belong there. Not that the other members are superb or anything. But the fact that she obviously has issues being in front of a camera and an obvious lack of knowledge on most of the subjects they cover really show that they shouldn’t have hired her. It was a favor to Kevin for sure. She’s a very sweet girl. She just doesn’t show any sort of skill-set for this type of show.

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I agree, I also think that these people aren’t allowed to say that they don’t like anything. I can’t remember then saying “ehhh, I don’t know about Titans, I’ll wait to see it before I say anything”. Or anything like that, it feels fake.

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Saw today’s episode and this panel was complete shit and now I comepltly don’t like Harley Smith at all! It wasn’t positive like before though

Hector Navarro is my favorite because he seems like a genuine fan of all media and that includes Marvel as I’ve seen him on some youtube channel with other guys reacting to dc and marvel stuff

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I wasn’t really a fan of today’s panel on the Pilot episode of Constantine.

I know it’s probably tough to do because not everyone is caught up, but now with the DC CW shows on the air, they should make these panels more topical and talk about these shows more. I mean they could easily do a 10-12 minute discussion on last nights Flash and or Black Lightning. On slow days, sure they can talk about classics, but I think the show needs to be more topical now.


I agree. I’d be much more interested.

She’s only been I think on two episodes so far that I’ve watched ( I’m 2 days behind) think u guys are being a bit harsh. It’s just supposed to be a simple show talking about dc news don’t overthink it.

I tried giving her a chance but like I posted yesterday, her in the panel in yesterday’s episode was abysmal to me. I gave up on her.

Haven’t seen today’s episode but I doubt she redeems herself anytime soon

Sure they are told not to flat out trash anything but have heard some fairly honest criticism. Although they never truly give a “I don’t like it” response. not Talking Dead levels of “well, we know who is paying their paycheck” but well, it is clear they still work for DC.

And as for the DC Panel discussions topics being more current… I haven’t watched them all so maybe I missed some. But seems the pannels are clearly supposed to be on shows. movies and comics that are available on DC Universe. I like that they are not above at least constructive criticism but it is still clearly designed to get people to watch and read more on the service.

The panel covers stuff on the app. That’s true. But before the panel there’s the DC news. They do previews of CW shows and talk about upcoming comic issues and writers that are not on the app. They cover current media. But they just don’t focus on it. I’d like to see a mix of the two. A bit on new stuff. Maybe a preview discussion or review of a previous episode of a DC show (not just Titans) and then move on to some DCU app talk and cover whatever, like they have been.