DC Daily is having James Tynion IV on this Friday!

Hi Everyone,

We’re thrilled to have James Tynion IV join the DC Daily crew on the couch this week. Do you have any questions for him? Comment before Wednesday and we’ll try to get them in!

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Hello James :wave:,

If you were to write a Wonder Woman team up in the vein of Batman vs TMNT, which other property would you pair the Champion of the Amazons with?


Thanks for your incredible run on Detective but I’ve got to know, are we going to get more Cass and Clayface teacups?

I really enjoy reading Batman vs. TMNT, How did you come up with on what Batman’s villain gettting mutated to animals like Mr. Freeze as a polar bear? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey James! As a huge Cassandra Cain fan, your DETECTIVE COMICS run was one of my favorite stories in REBIRTH. Now we’re starting to see a little payoff from your “League of Shadows” story in Bryan Hill’s BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS. You’ve said before that you had plans to continue the story of Cass and Shiva someday in the future… so did Bryan coordinate with you on this? Does his story fit into your master plan?


At the end of Event Leviathan, Talia mentions that she’s the new leader of the League of Shadows. Do you think Bendis meant, like, YOUR League of Shadows, from your Detective Comics run? Or do you think he was using it as a synonym for the League of Assassins?

As a writer for comics, is it hard to bridge the gap between too much information being put into the script and not enough? It seems many artists feel that it’s their job to generate the panels and the details therein and that the writer stick to the turn of events.

Hello, Mr. Tynion IV! :wave: :slight_smile:

A few things:

  1. I loved your run on Detective Comics. To me, it’s the absolute quintessential Batman starring Batbook of Rebirth.

  2. Recent solicits show that your Batman collaborator Tony Daniel isn’t doing interior art on February’s issues of Batman.

Is this just a break for him, or is he only doing interiors on your earliest issues of Batman and he will then move onto cover art only afterwards?

  1. Deathstroke: a member of Batman’s rogues gallery or not?

I say “no”, as he’s a Titans (New Teen, Team Titans, etc) adversary more than anything, however he’s been included in money shots of Batman’s coterie of baddies over the last few years, as well as select story arcs.

As someone writing a story of Mr. Wilson going up against Mr. Wayne, do you consider him a member of Batman’s Jerk List, or is his Bat-inclusion over the last few years just a coincidence from your POV?

On a sidenote, I’m absolutely stoked for your Batman run to begin!

Thank you for your time with the community via DC Daily. :cowboy_hat_face:

What’s your most outrageous DC/non-DC property you’d love to do. Phantom Stranger vs He-Man, Alfred Pennyworth vs Daffy Duck, that sort of thing. Your pie in the sky dream team.