DC Daily is Celebrating Episode #200! What Are Your Top Moments?

Clarke accidentally made a sexual innuendo, and lost it. They showed bloopers of her trying to recover, before she finally regained control. It was hilarious.

Sam Humphries always cracks me up, as well.


Kevin Conroy and Andrea Romano talking Batman The Animated Series with DC Daily ROCKED. Also love Sam Levine’s Road Show segments. And Harley Quinn Smith interviewing Kevin Smith on Detective Comics 1,000 was a really cool moment. Sam Humphries is always a delight too!

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Have not seen it yet

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I have loved it all. Keep up the great work!

Bring the Hawaiian shirts back!

I really loved those episodes where they had Alex Jaffe on to quiz the panel. :stuck_out_tongue:


Episode 139 @19m 10s

John Barrowman says
“HOW DARE YOU!!! I’m gonna Knoxk Knock joke you in a minute!”

Everyone laughs and says “I have no idea… what that… means”

LOLLLLLL :joy::joy::joy:


Just joined up and I must say this platform really is amazing. I just started tuning in to DC daily, and I just wanted to say congratulations!

I’m really enjoying the recaps of Silver/Golden Age storylines. Also loving the creator interviews.

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I think my favorite moment was when the cast was discussing Black Annis and described her claws as finger-finger-knife-fingers, and how Clarke couldn’t stop laughing.


What do you mean

Wish they would have a reader suggestion panel. I do enjoy being able to watch the panel discuss all new shows and comics. I wish DC would put together and post the reading order for Rebirth. After the last Doomsday Clock I have pulled out every TPB #1 in Rebirth and all Flashpoint.

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There have been many moments but the most recent one was everyone trying to walk around the Doom Patrol scene where Flex Mentallo makes everyone…finish. The looks on everyone’s faces trying to keep it family friendly was funny.

When they going add DCEU Movies before Disney + come out. Lol

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When Ambush bug came here best moment ever


The episodes with Paul Dini and Misty Lee were awesome.


What ever happened to the original hostess?


There are so many great moments, but I’d have to say I laughed the hardest when Hector interviewed Devan Long and he was so smitten and just hilarious with his questions and banter. I watched their segment like three times back to back.

Always appreciate the disclaimer. Letting the hosts be honest is great. The show could easily just fall into being a commercial for DC/Warner Bros. While it skirts this sometimes, it’s not nearly as heavy handed as it could be and most contemporary corporate content is. Audiences are sophisticated enough now to know when they are being misled. Allowing the hosts to look at the entire DC catalog, warts and all, only helps in the long run. Ultimately it will lead people to content and maintain the integrity of the hosts.

Love DC Daily! Some of my best moments are all the puns throughout the episodes, Sam L. road trips, the Halloween episode, President Day episode, when ever they discuss something I have actually read or seen before, and the cast just having a fun time no matter who is or isn’t there.

Happy 200 episodes DC Daily! I really enjoy the fan visit and HubCityQuestion asking Hector a DC triviia question and the Halloween and President day episodes! :grinning::tv:

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