DC Daily is Celebrating Episode #200! What Are Your Top Moments?

It feels like yesterday that DC Daily was just a twinkle in Darkseid’s eye… But here we are, nine months later, and we’re approaching a HUGE milestone!

We’d love to know, what have your favorite moments of DC Daily been? What one-liners, snafus, or meaningful conversations have you been moved by? Or do you simply just want to say “congratulations!” to the whole cast and crew? Let us know in the comments below!


Congratulations to everyone in front of and behind the camera! Especially to the king of DC Daily, John Kourounis.


Congradulations. Can’t really pick my top moment because it would be the episode with the fans on the show… but I am obviously biased. lol.


Whitney Moore dressed as Swamp Thing


My favorite moments, I have to say were probably when the cast got together for the March Madness brackets.

I also enjoyed whenever they had actors from Titans and Doom Patrol on the show. The Alan Ritchson (Hank Hall/Hawk) and Devon Chandler Long (Flex Mentallo) interviews were some of my favorites. I mean, Flex Mentallo flexing in studio? Iconic.
I liked April Bowlby learning about Samm Levine’s nickname of “Elasti-Girlfriend” :joy: then Clarke being “mad” that she never met her Beast Boyfriend.
I just love the well produced segments like the one showing the restoration process of the old Shazam TV show and the one about Darwyn Cooke.
There have been so many great moments.


Ooooohhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!


ohmigosh, too many good ones but a few include Marv Wolfman’s gold Deathstroke figure from Dan DiDio and Marv’s approval of new Titans …

Pinot Grigio Sally herself on the line

Samm Levine living the Elasti-girlfriend dream

any time Clarke breaks script and laughs to tears just makes me happy

favorite guest star or creator is an impossible choice but Conor Leslie and LaMonica Garrett in studio were awesome, plus love for Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott together in a comic shop … what an incredible production is DC Daily


That’s awesome. Time just flys by. Feel like yesterday I was watching the DC Universe special with Kevin Smith wait for this service to come out and the show was announced. I’ve enjoyed a lot like the Halloween episode, some awesome interviews, mini shows like the roadshow, and many more. They have gotten me into some great comics thanks to book club (BOOK CLUB TALIHO). I have to say the best thing was the ongoing jokes/gags. Things like wrong mountain, the phantom zone, the Humphries (might have misspelled that) stan, secret answer number 3 and many more. I just enjoy all the fun they have. Here’s to 200 episodes and here to 200 more.


Happy 200th! Maybe its too late to suggest this in terms of DCD’s production schedule, but it would be swell to see an oversized 200th episode special. Do it like a triple digit milestone comic with all kinds of fun stuff! Creativity is key.

A few favorite moments in random order:

  1. Samm Levine at the WB archives.
  2. Any time Mattel, DC Collectibles or product from other licensees is on the coffee table to accentuate/promote items of discussion.
  3. The Fan Event episode.
  4. Any episode with Jim Lee.
  5. The Halloween episode.
  6. The episodes that highlighted key Batman comic talents from years past (again, please do this with non-Batman talent too).
  7. The episode at the end of last year that highlighted DC’s major comic moments from throughout 2018 (I hope that’s planned for this year and beyond).
  8. Episodes with movie and TV personnel.
  9. Paul Dini and Misti Lee’s appearances.
  10. John Kouronis’ interviews with Dan DiDio.

That’s enough for now.

This is very far in advance, but I think it’d be a swell idea to have Todd McFarlane on to promote McFarlane Toys and their DC product when it debuts early next year.

It’s a good promotional opportunity for both parties and Todd McFarlane is still a big wheel in comics as well, which lends to a big guest star get for DCD. Remember, creativity and embracing all aspects of DC is key.

Happy 200th in advance =)


This show is so much fun. In terms of favorite moments, I think that the interviews with April Bowlby and Devan Long we’re both great. Though, I feel like picking specific moments undermines the radiant energy and enthusiasm that the hosts bring to the show every episode. Just props to everyone on there that is making the quality content of DC Daily :smiley:


I’m remembering the new segments which gave me a newfound excitement for everything DC (bring them back) and every single interview. Honestly that’s what I’ll remember most. From the fantastic opening interviews with George Perez to every talk with Dan Dideo, I’ve fallen in love even more!


Congrats to everyone involved! You all do a great job of putting DC daily together.

Here’s a couple of my favorite moments:

  • Hector’s Clayface costume. Idk why, but it just cracks me up. I think it also had a lot to do with his line delivery.

  • Samm Levine finally getting to meet his Elasti-girlfriend

There are more moments, but these two just stand out right now lol


I almost forgot!!! Another favorite moment of mine was when you interviewed Kevin Conroy and Andrea Romano. PLLLLLLLEEEEEAAASSE give us a Justice League reunion interview! I love hearing the ins and outs of those animated shows.


Congrats to the Cast and Crew of The DC daily My favorite daily show. John Barrowman showing off his collection. I would agree I loved the interview with Kevin Conroy and Andrea Romano as well. being such a fan of Batman The Animated Series. Sometimes I want to shout out BOOK CLUB!!! along with them lol


Finger finger jelly fingers or whatever it was that Samm came out with and Clarke completely lost it.

The Halloween episode.

The Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams interviews.

Also, I miss Tiffany!


Fanboy answer: every Amy Dallen episode. <3
Serious answer, I’ve really loved the dan DiDio segments and the Samm Levine warehouse finds segments. (Sorry, i dont remember the exact name of that)


When discussing an episode of Titans. The hotel owner, Sally, tried to seduce Grayson with a bottle of wine and by dressing a little more playfull. Someone on the couch said, “she did it all for Dick”. At that point Clarke lost it and was no good for the rest of the show. :rofl:


My favorite part was when they tallked about the years of batman​:bat::bat::bat:

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Getting introduced to new shows, comics, mods and members.

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You guys gave us alot of support, time we gave some of that support back. Just sayin, that’s what friends do. That’s what heroes do.


The interview with Susan Eisenberg (voice of WW in DCAU and other DC Animated movies) Her passion for the work and what the character means to her was very touching.

The interviews with Denny, Neal, & Marv.

When they look back on comics, tv or film that 30+ years or older. Much of DC is its rich history. (Maybe as we get closer to COIE CW, the book club will do the original COIE)

Amy getting to lead the couch. Her enthusiasm is electric and contagious. Also Clarke’s dry whit.

Whitney relating anything possible back to Heavy Metal.

The roadshow segments and John B’s time on the couch.

Sam Humphries also giving credit and shout outs to editors as well as writers & artists. Editors generally don’t get the credit they deserve.

Folks being willing to be on “wrong mountain”.