DC Daily have spoilers?

Just subbed to DC Universe. Should I avoid DC Daily episodes until I watch Titans?

Nah you’ll be fine

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Yeah you are good

I did see someone mention that sometimes the hosts go too deep for their liking, so they wait for the weekend to watch it. Proceed with caution! :slight_smile:

They do discuss Titans at times, but they’ll let you know ahead of time & watch what they are discussing than com back to it later. Though DC Daily episodes are limited it looks like, for example Episode 1 is no longer on here, ut you can watch the free part of it on their YouTube

@EricCurto Every episode is still on here. I just watched episode 1.

It’s really great for fans who can go back some years. They let you know of potential spoilers… i love and look forward to it now. It’s funny and takes you back to your favorites. And the new stuff.

The DC Daily panel has discussed specific episodes. They will let you know during the show which episode they are talking about if you need to turn off the show and get caught up.