DC Daily Freedom of Speech?

Do you guys ever wonder or worry the folks on the DC Daily Couch are full on shilling stuff like Titans without any room to objectively critique what they watch? Like how we watched them watch Titans, and commentary never touches on any of the objectively negative aspects of the show. They have nothing but good things or jokes to say about what they’re watching. You get the vibe they reeeeeally have to force themselves to talk positively about it. I would respect the producers more if they allowed people like Hector to fully express their thoughts on stuff like Titans without repercussions. Titans is a show with potential, but it’s first season and the first episode of S2 had maaaaany flaws; stuff I know guys like hector or some of the others would definitely discuss…if it wasn’t for the fact we can’t say anything negative. It makes DC daily somewhat worthless.


I don’t see it as a free speech issue. They’re professional fans on an in-house show. I don’t expect DC to complain about DC.


Regardless of whether it is scripted or not. I can see both sides of the argument.
Having them say good things and point out what they like, while leaving out what they don’t, increases the odds that people will look it up. After all, people in stores talk about how great a product they dislike because if they mentioned the bad parts of whatever the employee is selling then they wouldn’t make the sale.
On the other, allowing them to speak their minds as long as they stay professional would be good at times because then you hear a real discussion and a true friendly debate.

Wither way though. Real or scripted. I enjoy watching it most of the time. The day they spend it playing that deck game I didn’t make it all the way through, but I have enjoyed the other episodes. :slight_smile:


Agree Biff. It’s their job to make it sound good.


They do treat elements they don’t like with “kid gloves” but they are being paid by DC to be representatives of their brand.

I also think you have some, like Amy who are so enthusiastic about comics and well versed in the medium and history that I think they can honestly find things to appreciate about pretty much anything.

Also, the questions are also usually positive leaning. Hollywood is notoriously a town where, unless you are VERY well established, you try not to talk trash about performers, directors, writers, crew because it could cost you work down the line. Do you really want to talk smack about the writing on Titans, knowing that one day you could be up for a part by a writer, turned director that you talked smack about?


I don’t watch DC Daily, but I imagine their dilemma is that while honest opinions might make that show in particular more entertaining, aggressive positivity supports more essential content better, so they take one for the team.

And like Biff pointed out, it’s not really “freedom of speech,” because they’re specifically being paid to speak for DC, and presumably have agreed to do such. They’re free to express whatever opinions they want on their own time (presumably, though there’s also no reason you can’t contract that right away if for some reason you decide it’s in your interests to do so).

We don’t know if they have been told not to be critical or if they are just being careful. If it’s the latter then maybe bringing this up could help change that. If they haven’t already, it would be a good thing for them to discuss with their bosses. Or if the community wants them to be able to share their thoughts honestly we could influence the company to tell them that they can.

If you want a more balanced mix, check out the Fans of the DC Universe Podcast for all your news about DCU and weekly discussions about the originals, comics, and more. We were VERY critical of Titans as a group BUT really like the back third. A tale of two episodes in one.

DC Daily is not the news. It is literally promotional video for DC comics, shows, and products.

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In every season, and annually it seems our freedom of speech is getting less and less doesn’t it? Who loves to live like walking on eggshells? Why are we afraid to offend someone instead of respecting them enough to be brutally honest?

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In every season, and annually it seems our understanding of “If it’s your job then you have to do it. If you want to say what you want and shout from the rooftops then quit your job first.” Why are we afraid to accept that “freedom” is a fallback excuse? Why are we afraid to respect that freedom of speech has its consequences sometimes?

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Basically? When they are on DC Daily their job is to promote the product for which they work. When they are not at work, they can speak the truth. Contact them when they are outside of work and ask them their real feelings.
If they work for DC then they need to promote it. My alter ego works in retail and sold food that is sprocking nasty. Why? Well, because my job is to sell stuff. When off the clock I will admit it tastes awful or that another product is better, but when I’m at work my job is to promote the product I’m assigned to sell that day.


Except you’re going to get consequences/negative reprecautions either way so wouldn’t you rather do the more honorable thing and just be 100% honest about your feelings.

Look at it this way, the most popular youtubers and influences are no-holds-barred with their thoughts. Besides this, whether it’s your job is irrelavent, if you are in a talk show there are ways to word things to where you can be honest without angering your boss. It’s a damn shane that people have to live in that paranoid/fear mindset instead of being able to share their true selves with us.

Even if it were like that, Who’s more important - the community or management? Lol

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You make a good point. I have been in meetings and said “You know I love you guys but…” or “I understand but…” or “Well I’m sorry but…”
However wording something in such a way that it doesn’t anger your boss or does not cause consequences will just cause the “freedom”-people say that it is no longer Freedom of Speech. I mean a lot of people that argue “Our freedom of insert topic here is being infringed upon.” would find a way to turn that around into the freedom of whatever it is (speech in this case) being taken away.

While I agree there is always a way around. I believe there are grey areas and it’s more complicated, but I am looking at this from the same black and white point of view so many others do.
I know it might be contradicting myself again, but that is why when I infer someone is treating a subject as black and white, yes or no I just say “If it’s their job they have to” or "freedom has limits.

Also, I don’t believe either is more important. Both groups are equally important in my opinion.

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Oh yes and in the messages on this particular board, I mean no offense by it. Sometimes I just can’t think of more tactful ways to phrase things.

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I don’t expect on AMC they came on the show after Walking Dead and said “that was a pointless and stupid death.”

With only fifteen or so minutes of discussion time per episode - split between four, five or six hosts - it’s entirely possible to avoid negativity without being a shill.

Some people prefer to focus on the positives in life. :+1: