Am I the only one here that enjoys the DC Daily episodes. Awesome info, news and a great group of work that I’d love to join…


It’s a joy to hear that you enjoy DC Daily as much as we do, @Moe.Vargas - the kind words are so appreciated! The hosts join us on the forum to chat sometimes, btw, so be on the lookout for that if you’d like to say hello to them :slight_smile:

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I enjoy them as well. DC Daily is my “nightly news” program when I get home from work. I’ve been a fan of Tiffany since the old All Access days on YouTube, Whitney and Hector soon followed on DCAA, and I became fans of them as well. Both Johns, you know who you are, and the entire cast are all awesome! I’m very glad Sam Humphries is on the cast; having a DC writer on the cast is great and he always brings a writer’s insight to the couch discussions. I also really loved his Green Lanterns run. While Simon and Jessica were preexisting characters, I feel Sam really was the one who laid the character foundations for them, and from this point forward the next batch of writers who write them will be building from what Sam did. And Blackbird!!! That book of his is amazing!! It seems quite a few people who have the service watch and enjoy DCD, and the feed back towards the show is positive which makes me happy. The cast work very hard to bring us news, and entertain us with engaging topical discussions. Finally, I may have a bit of a crush on Clarke, but she has the Beastboyfriend( hyphenated??? )so who am I to be a home wrecker??:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::four_leaf_clover:

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