DC Daily Ep. 135

Wow, after watching the episode where they discuss which DC characters would beat who, I am absolutely floored at the reason they chose who they did. Half of the panel are so uneducated in comics that they were choosing reasons because “they are female character” and because of “lesbian power”? Really. Time to get some real comic knowledgeable hosts.

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I don’t know man, I think the reasons that they use are just as valid as the reasons fights in actual comics turn out the way they do.

Bane beat the Batman. The reason was because death of Superman sold so well for comics that they decided it needed to happen. then they just wrote it out happening. That’s almost everything works in a comic that’s why you can see Superman getting beaten by someone way weaker than him one day and beating a god-like enemy the next day.

I have the comics knowledge of someone collecting comics for over 25 years and I did most of my selections in this meta mashup just based on who I like better. If a green lantern comes up, I’m going to pick them to win no matter who it’s against because they’re my favorite. Bane comes up, I’m going to take him to win because he’s my favorite. Etc.


I understand where your coming from. But then you have hosts on the show that dont know which actor wore which batsuit and the suits are on their sets. Literally can watch that on episode 136. It just gets me, I feel like they are just trying to push a political agenda rather than have fun with comics and their characters.

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I think they WERE having fun. I’d probably watch a dry academic debate between comic history scholars over canon, but it would have a pretty narrow appeal. DC Daily is friendly people being silly and having casual chat.

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