DC Daily/ DC Universe Presents missing episodes

Anyone know where I can go to watch the episodes of DC Daily and DC Universe Presents that aren’t listed?

No I think DC daily is gone forever

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: That’s what I thought

Ya I never watched is only sometimes it was okay I will give it that I don’t know why they took it down tho

For me, I’m trying to make sure I can watch as much remaining content as possible before its lost forever :man_shrugging:

Ya lol good point

Saying goodbye…

Hoping some of the great interviews and moments find their way on the DC YouTube channel


Some of the missing episodes are still on YouTube, some as complete episodes, somce just the beginning. So for whatever that is worth.

To be fair a lot of them were going to be dated fast, especially the ones talking about new movies or series. But it is a shame that especially with this becoming DCU Infinite most if not all may be unavailiable anywhere. Shame such a good show could become lost media, I hope it doesn’t but think it just might.


Which YouTube channel is this? I’ve tried to look a couple of times, and unfortunately, DC Daily is an awful search string that bumps into a lot of other searches.

This logic (which DC people have mentioned a few times) has always bothered me, because almost nobody in media ditches old content because it’s no longer news. In a lot of cases, the dated parts (when they’re not repulsively offensive) make them more important historical records…

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Well I don’t think DC is going to throw the episodes in the trash or anything. but my real thought process was yes they have merit showing what was going on in DC at the time. But it’s not like Hulu or the like have year old episodes of Good Morning America or the CBS Evening news or even 60 minutes because few would watch them. I am sure DC will keep them and maybe break them out if needed, I just can’t see them say adding them to HBO MAX or something.

As far as what channel, the DC YouTube channel. Here is the playlist they have for it - DC Daily - YouTube