DC Daily Comic Book Club: DOOM PATROL (1987) Issues 28 & 29

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During the week of March 11th, DC Daily will discuss Doom Patrol (1987) issues 26-29 in the DC Daily Book Club segment of the show.

We discussed issues 26-27 here:


On this thread, we’ll continue the discussion for issues 28 & 29.

The spoiler discussion begins NOW and lasts until Friday, March 15th!

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Issue 28:

  1. Who’s your favorite character in this issue and why?

  2. What did you think was the weirdest part of this issue?

  3. What was the most memorable panel for you?

Issue 29:
4. What do you think Superman was thinking when they showed him the painting and explained what happened?

  1. What were your favorite moments or panels?

Feel free to share your general thoughts, insights and reactions to the issues.

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I’m reading this right now. Good stuff.

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I have to pause for a moment to appreciate the evil creativity of the Brotherhood of DADA. Their next evil plan is to: :rofl:

  • Use the painting to devour the world
  • Paint faces on Superman’s bare bottom
  • Use Batman as an ashtray.

I love this series! :rofl:

Issue 28:

  1. Fav character and why? QUIZ because it’s such a unique power! Literally, she’s only limited to the imagination. Kudos to Mr. Morrison.

  2. Fav scene? Negative Man’s battle with Quiz because we got to see her powers/weaknesses at work.

  3. Fav panel? The Persistence of Memory nod to Salvador Dali. I had a feeling it was coming so I was happy to see it. A little pat on my back :nerd_face:

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@ Batmite267
The battle scene was great. I’ve added a screen shot here.

Negative man trying to think of all of the Quiz’s powers during battle to disable her just so fun.
"Force fields. Invulnerability. Teleportation…”
“You forgot the power to create escape-proof spirit jars!” :joy:

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Issue 29:

  1. Supes? He handled it well. I imagine his experience with Mr. Mxyzptlk helped. :rofl:

  2. Fav panels? Pages 9 & 10. I love me a two-page splash!

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Good pick! That two-page spread was magnificent.

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  1. Who’s your Favorite Character in this issue and why?

Mr. Nobody because he is a riot! :rofl:

Mr. Nobody: “So much for the new Doom Patrol. F-minus for effort, I’d say.”

Cliff to Mr. Nobody: “Why are you doing this?”
Mr. Nobody: starts singing “Because I love yooooo”

Whenever he speaks I know it’ll be good. :laughing:

My favorite character in #28 is Booster Gold. Yeah, I should probably toss up the pom-poms for a DP character, but…it’s Booster…Gold. “The Greatest Hero You’ve Never Heard Of” and the star of one of my favorite episodes of JLU. Jane gave him a wee bit o’shade for sure.

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From #29:

Mr. Nobody: "You know, I can’t help thinking about the Sour Grapes Bunch.

Do you remember? They used to dance into the Banana Splits clubhouse and Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork would go absolutely crazy!"

Cliff: “I don’t believe this!”

MN: “Well, if we’re all going to die, we may as well be thinking about something stupid!”

Cliff: “I don’t believe this!”

I can’t be the only one who heard Tudyk and Fraser’s voices when reading that, especially Tudyk. Fun stuff!


Favorite moments from #29:

  • The shot of the city on page 2 for starters. The detail in the buildings is beautiful.

-The splash page on pages 9 and 10 of the Fifth Horseman coming forth from the ocean. “Ah. That’s a big horse.” I would love to see something like this on the DP show.

-Page 14 with the FH in the sky. I was reminded of Night on Bald Mountain when I first saw that. The gruesome figure in the heavens above all and so on.

-Page 15. “Ride the horse! Save the world!”. That should be a bumper sticker. You see that on someone’s car, you smile and say “That person gets it.”

-The final page where the painting is covered and locked away reminds me of the final scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

A really good issue. Every time I read Morrison’s Doom Patrol I like it more than the last. Superb.

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I have not forgotten! I’m gonna try to read through these issues over the next couple days!

Me neither I guess I better get to it well we have until Sunday right?

I think my wife works this weekend so I could just read this Saturday there you go… there’s time management for you… don’t let the entertainment rule ya kids!!!

  1. My favorite character was probably Larry for this issue. He knew how to deal with every situation, including (almost) all of Quiz’s superpowers.
  2. Honestly, everything in a Doom Patrol issue is weird!!!
  3. The most memorable panel for me was probably the final panel, where Sleepwalk is like “THE BURIED RIDER! THE FIFTH HORSEMAN! IT’S COMING!”. I had so many questions, like ‘Who, or what the hell is the fifth horseman?’ and ‘What can it do that it can scare someone like Sleepwalk?’
  4. I bet Superman already knew it had to do with the Doom Patrol. He was probably thinking ‘They called me over to look at a painting?!’. However, I think he also knew how much danger was inside the painting. That’s why he was so nervous throughout the comic.
  5. My favorite part was probably when Mr. Nobody was saying all of these crazy ideas, and in the end, actually ended up being the person saving everyone!

I love reading these DP comics! They’re so weird and funny at the same time!!! Really enjoyed these two as well. I followed the story extremely well, and had a fun time while reading!



I hear Tudyk and Fraser’s voices too!

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Regarding #3. I loved that panel too. When the villains are scared, I know a good storyline is on its way. I’ve added a screenshot of the panel.

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Issue 29
4. My guess on Superman’s thoughts:

I think Supes felt like he was in over his head in this weird scenario. He thinks, “Paris is in this painting​:man_facepalming:…………….”, but he kept his cool in front of his super-friends. I absolutely loved this scene.