DC Daily Comic Book Club: DOOM PATROL (1987) Issues 23-25


Welcome to the first ever community discussion for the DC Daily Comic Book Club!

And what is the DC Daily Comic Book Club you might ask?

Great question, sport! The DC Daily Comic Book Club is the place to read along with the DC Daily Crew and fans as they check out some of the greatest comics ever written! It’s like being on the DC Daily set, except from the comfort of your own home.

Sounds cool huh?

This week the DC Daily Comic Book Club is checking out Doom Patrol (1987) Issues 23, 24, & 25! Available right here on DC Universe!

Go ahead and read them, I’ll wait.

Okay all done? Great! Join us for Discussion starting right now and lasting until Sunday (2/10) for a chance to be featured on DC Daily! All of this happens right here, on this post!

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Warning! Spoilers below!


I’m really looking forward to this! :tada:


Big thank you to @Applejack and @JLWWSM for helping put this together. As well as the cast and crew of DC Daily. Now LET’S. GET. WEIRD. GRANT MORRISON WEIRD.




Before we start, I want to say I’m intimidated by Morrison so it’ll be interesting and scary to read it.


Yeah I’m not sure I’d eat lunch with him either… the food might make me high.


@matt What’s it like to get to post on watchtower without being kicked out?

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You’re also the only non verified person allowed to post here.

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I’m game for this. I would also eat lunch with Morrison. Like, yesterday.

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Shhhh I think I’m flying under their radar

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@vroom I’m with Don, after reading issue #23 I think I would go crazy trying to understand who he is… I’ll post my thoughts on #23 tommorrow or until the first real spoiler appears!

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Morrison is just so delightfully weird and out there. I’m loving these issues of DP so far.

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Incoming Spoilers*

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This is my first time reading this story. It was a weird, creepy, fun, and funny read. I dig it!

Issue #23 :rofl:
Crazy Jane lives up to her name. She’s fun because you never know who or what powers will show up.

Also, she could’ve walked through the bookstore’s door but instead, she broke the store’s window. The door was RIGHT THERE! Just sayin’ :laughing:. She seemed to be in a trance or something.

Everytime she did something crazy in public, Robotman says to the bystanders, “It’s ok, she’s a superhero”. It was hilarious!


Issue #24
Red Jack’s need for suffering is terrifying - those poor tortured butterflies, comatose bride, and Negative Man/Rebis. His house is insanely creepy - I’d love to see it in live-action though.

Red Jack says, “Some stories have no meaning”. I wonder if this means we’ve seen the end of Red Jack forever.


Issue #25
This was sooo “extra” in describing puberty😆. It was imaginatively weird, yet somehow accurate to an extent. It felt like a horror movie.

I’m loving the “weird” and can’t wait to see live action Doom Patrol!


Might hop in this week due to the less amount of issues




What is that opening? Watching a helpless butterfly makes me so sad!

And it gets weirder with a neckless person and a wall of butterflies…

Also who is he marrying?

There’s a fantastic call out to the butterfly effect and hurricanes

The art on the giant bug is uniquely reminiscent of early Marvel Monster drawings.

It’s around this time I realized just how bonkers Morrison is.
1. Crazy Jane has gone Crazy
2. Dorothy is sensing giant bugs
3. Weird vision with Holly
That weird door sequence is so Trippy. At this point I’m completely lost

The ending is so so trippy.

Okay, thoughts on Issue: #23. I get Morrison weird now! I have very little clue what is going on but I somehow like it. The art by Case is what allows this weird to happen. It looks as trippy as it is reading it but it has heart and understandable relations allowing the story to continue forward even while the series gives you a lot of sound and fury.


Also as an FYI, discussion for the show starts on the series tomorrow it seems.


It was said long ago that Morrison spread peyote on his toast.