DC Daily Comic Book Club: BATMAN (1940) Issues 617-619 (BATMAN HUSH 10-12)

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This week we are completing our journey through Batman: Hush with issues 617-619 of Batman (1940-). The mystery of Hush will be solved in this action-packed finale.

Spoiler discussion begins right now and lasts until Friday, April 12th. So jump right in!

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Ok, here are the questions :bat::

:eight_spoked_asterisk: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS :eight_spoked_asterisk:

  1. Does Batman need a Robin if he’s got a Catwoman?

  2. Was the final reveal of Hush satisfying or do you wish it had been Two-Face, Jason Todd, or someone else?

  3. What noninvasive procedure would you have Superman perform on you?

  4. Is the Riddler Batman’s smartest rival?

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  1. Absolutely Batman needs a Robin if he has Catwoman, especially if it’s Tim Drake donning the “R” as it was here. Catwoman isn’t the bright symbol of hope that any Robin (Tim in this case obviously) can be.

She loves Bruce but her conscience and morality can be suspect, as she doesn’t hold to the same code Bruce does. If I recall, there have been times where Selina has chastised Bruce for it, as she feels it hinders what a force for justice she feels Bruce truly could be.

Robin on the other hand is typically on the straight and narrow and as has been said many times over the decades, the thing that keeps Bruce coming back to the light rather than enduring a bottomless spiral into darkness.

  1. I felt it was satisfying. I was following online discussion of Hush as it was being published and was THE talk of the comic book world from 2002-3. The theories on who Hush could be were numerous and wild but I don’t remember seeing any talk about Bruce’s former childhood besty as the culprit.

Most people thought it was Harvey Dent or as the story progressed, Jason Todd come back to life. Having a former best friend become a high impact adversary was an interesting idea. It especially gave credence to the rumors of Harvey being Hush since he too fits that mold, but as an adult BFF of Bruce’s prior to his trauma.

  1. Heh, wow, there’s a Question For The Ages. Help me workout more? I don’t know, I’ve never thought about this so I don’t have a worthwhile answer of substance.

  2. That’s a tough one. Batman has many highly intelligent rivals including but obviously not limited to Joker, Ra’s Al Ghul, Hugo Strange, Mad Hatter, Bane, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and of course Riddler. I’d say he’s absolutely one of Batman’s smartest rivals, Top Five at minimum, but the smartest? I’m not confident enough to say yes to that one.

I have loved this discussion! When the Book Club mood for another Jim Lee pencilled epic strikes, how about…the For Tomorrow arc of Superman? Hey, a Superman Book Club…now that’s an idea…hmmm :wink:


On a related (because it’s Hush oriented) but not related (because it’s not pertaining to this particular duscussion) note, Hallmark is releasing a Hush Batman Christmas ornament this year.

It’s pretty schway and is mostly based on the second printing cover of Batman #608 (the pose varies a bit but it’s still Batman atop a gargoyle).

Friendly FYI for those of us who are hoppin’ for Hush =)


It was fun to read your post! Thanks for delving into the questions :slight_smile:

  1. Was the final reveal of Hush satisfying or do you wish it had been Two-Face, Jason Todd, or someone else?

I wish it had been Jason Todd. I felt from the beginning it was Tommy because they took the time to explain his backstory. I only doubted it was Tommy when Tommy had a funeral. And even then, in the back of my mind, I thought he would return. I would’ve been absolutely floored if it was Jason.

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excited to finish this up with everyone!

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@JL Thanks. This Book Club kicked ass! I do likes me Hush.


Glad I went back and re-read it. I had forgotten just how good this arc really was.

  1. Needs Robin(s) and Catwoman. They serve different needs. The Robins are pseudo-children and he gets the pleasure/pain dichotomy that all parents experience raising their children. Catwoman, otoh, provides that sensual, adult need for love and physical closeness. 2 very different areas of fulfillment.

  2. The reveal was fine. I can’t think of a better individual to be Hush (great name, btw). Anyone else would almost have been too much of a trope to end such a great story with.

  3. He can just keep his laser vision to himself. I would give him a shot if I had cancer ( but that might not be unintrusive) but otherwise he can just “up, up, and away” thank you very much.

  4. I can think of several villains more intelligent than the Riddler. Lex Luthor is typically a Superman foil, but he was in Hush so he is one. Hugo Strange is another. Dr. Crane is nuts, but highly intelligent. Even Harley has a good set of … uh … brains on her. Seldom used, but they are there when needed. Vandal Savage had to have collected tons of knowledge just by being around forever. I kind of put the Riddler slightly above the pack, but below the heavy weights in those terms.

Really enjoyed this. Need to follow from the beginning on the next one.


Welcome! Thanks for joining and sharing your thoughts. I’m glad you were able to re-read it.

I’m with you and @Vroom on Harley’s intelligence. Harley was able to capture Batman - that’s no small feat.

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I can’t get over the Hush story! It was really great at the end with a twist, I didn’t see it coming when it involved Clayface. The ending has a great setup story for Red Hood which would be coming up. I apologize for spoiling the ending. Can’t wait til next week book club. I still think Batman went way to far beating up the Joker without giving him a chance to talk, thankfully Gordon stop him.

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Noone can ever go too far in smacking Joker around IMO.

Hush being Jason Todd is an interesting idea, but given what would happen a year and a half or so later in Under The Hood (the original title of that story) it wouldn’t have worked.

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I’m so glad I revisited Hush thanks to this post. I enjoy watching DC Daily and would love to exchange ideas over batman stuff. I’m going to try and participate more! :smiley:

  1. I believe it’s not a matter of either/or with Robin(s) and Catwoman. He needs them both in very different capacities. I feel that with Catwoman the trust has to be/has had to be earned (even if measured) but with a Robin there has always been blind trust. Thus, I say no substitute for a Robin :slight_smile:

  2. The Hush reveal was fine. I don’t believe any of the other rogues would’ve fit in there. For some reason the rogues have enough pride to go up against batman as they are haha! I found it interesting that Hush was “double”-crossed by Two-Face/Harvey Dent. I’d like to believe that dialogue was intentional lol

  3. Man I’d like Superman to help me shave my beard with his heat vision xD

  4. That’s a very interesting question. I’d like to say that the Riddler might be Batman’s most intellectual and cerebral villain. For me I’d like to understand “smartest” as someone who understands batman’s weaknesses and his own strengths and I’d give that title to the Joker. I feel that the Joker understands Batman existentially and that is always going to be formidable. There would be no other reason the Joker would try to push Batman to break his one rule(in several adaptations) if he didn’t fully get him. He’d challenge the spirit, the ideals, the morals, the principles and that makes him really scarily smart. That being said, I do think Riddler is very intelligent and a great villain. The show Gotham has done a great job bringing out the charm of the Penguin and the Riddler for me personally. Just my views :slight_smile:

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I’m so happy to see you in Book Club! :slight_smile:

I’m with you, I’m glad Gordon was there to stop Batman from killing the Joker. I also didn’t see Clayface coming. But when it was revealed I said to myself “of COURSE it’s Clayface! How could I miss that?!” lol! I never thought Tommy was really dead, but I couldn’t figure out how the death was faked. Clayface it is!


I will add Under the Hood to my reading list. =)


Thanks for joining the discussion! I look forward to hearing more your thoughts in future book clubs.

“Hush was ‘double’-crossed by Two-Face/Harvey Dent” is a great call out! I guess ya’ can’t take the two-face out of Harvey Dent. =)

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I would let Superman apply his heat vision to my back muscles when they’re sore. It’s viable alternative to “Icy Hot” pain relievers.

Very fun arc to reread! Hush is a milestone in the Batman history and is a staple now.

  1. Need a Robin? Absolutely. Catwoman and Robin provide two completely different benefits for Bats. I think Batman also wants that person to mentor. He needs it. He also needs Catwoman. She’s skillful and they can relate to each other as adults who disguise themselves to break the law.

  2. As much as I wanted it to be Jason at the time I originally read it, I’m glad it turned out the way it dead. Hush/Elliot has been a great new villain to the rogues gallery. Also, and as mentioned earlier, we eventually get more Jason thanks to Mr. Judd Winick.

  3. Hmmmmm. Could Superman burn some of the fat off my love handles? :rofl:

  4. I think Riddler is Batman’s smartest villain. Bats has many smart villains but they usually have additional abilities and strengths. For example, Ra’s is an expert fighter, Mr. Freeze has his cold gun, Strange has mastered Bats fighting styles, Bane with his strength, etc. Enigma truly uses his mind more than all the others (with the help of some henchmen from time to time :wink:).


And another thing I enjoyed about this run was the Easter eggs. Here’s what I caught during these 3 books.

Issue 618: Might be a stretch but could this tombstone be Gwen Stacy’s from the competition?

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Also in issue 618: I’ll be “damned” :yum: if this tombstone isn’t for famed writer Brian Azzarello.


Finally, in issue 619: Looks like Loeb is one of the answers.