DC Daily Comic Book Club BATMAN (1940) Issues 614-616 (BATMAN HUSH 7-9)


I’m very excited to welcome you back to another edition of DC Daily Comic Book Club. The place to read along with the DC Daily Crew and discuss the books with other DC Daily fans!

This week we are continuing our read through Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s classic Batman tale, Batman Hush. This week’s issues are 614, 615, and 616.

Spoiler discussion begins right now and lasts until Friday, April 5 So what are you waiting for?! Jump on in!

Make sure you swing by after the DC Daily Comic Book Club episode airs so you can discuss the panel’s reaction to the story!

Next week we will kick off our final spoiler discussion with issues 617-619 starting on April 5th! Mark your calendars. (People still have calendars, right?)

The following discussion questions contain spoilers, Stop here if you haven’t read this week’s selection!


-Bruce Wayne reveals his identity toCatwoman. Was that a good idea?

-Talia or Catwoman? Who’s a better suit for Batman?

-Is this the defining version of Catwoman?

Let us know your favorite moments and what you thought about this week’s selection! I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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Read these issues last night. Can’t wait to talk to you all about them!


I love, love, love Hush! This has been one of the best BC discussions ever.

Talking Points:

-I’m of the opinion that Selina had probably long since deduced that Batman was Bruce. She’s very intelligent and has spent ample time with Bruce and Batman as Selina and Catwoman respectively. Upon finally and truly seeing that Bruce and Batman were one and the same, I imagine Selina thought “I knew I was right!” Clever lil’ kitty she is.

-Catwoman, totally. Have you seen what a royal Mega B**** Talia has been in recent issues of The Silencer? Selina can be ruthless and fierce, but at the end of the day she has a heart. Talia can be seductive and profess “I’m as different from my father as the day is long Detective.” but she’s revealed her true colors far too many times to ever be considered worthy of being The One for Batman. Talia also took advantage of Jason Todd, which was just…ew.

-I’d say the Hush iteration of Catwoman is definitive to a point (it’s certainly my favorite modern take on her). Darwyn Cooke redesigned Catwoman for the 00’s, with Jim Lee then taking her newly conceived look and running it in for touchdowns again and again until the championship win in #619.

Personality wise, I love how Loeb wrote her. She’s slinky, sly and smart. His Catwoman is one that will not hesitate to bloody her claws if warranted. Just look at how she threatened Tim, and that was in the Batcave right in front of Batman!

Great discussion points. Hush is the cat’s meow for sure!



I will forever love the idea of people around Batman just humoring him. Selina aleady knowing Bruce was the Bat will forever be my head cannon. Loeb really does have a terrific voice for the character. She’s one of my favorites.


I love every moment of this!!! It’s a love story, but I can’t shake the feeling that it may not end in happily ever after. I can’t wait to read the last three issues.

My favorite moments were Dick giving advice to Batman (and Batman later realizing Dick was right) and Alfred’s conversation with Catwoman.

I always enjoy it when Lex Luthor shows up in a Batman story. Lady Shiva is a scene stealer - all bets are off when she shows up. I love this story and the artwork so much.


-Bruce Wayne reveals his identity to Catwoman. Was that a good idea? I’m not sure yet, but it made a fun story line!

-Talia or Catwoman? Who’s a better suit for Batman? Talia seems cold-hearted. She may understand his world, but Catwoman brings the warmth that he needs and keeps him on his toes.

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OMG! me too


The Dick/Bruce interaction was a highlight for me as well. It’s clear that they have a very special bond. One Bruce doesn’t have with very many people. It was really touching.


Agreed @MattMcDonald. I didn’t expect to feel my feelings; but here we are!


I’m currently reading Hush, but I’m so far behind! I wish I had more time to keep up with the Book Club.
Fantastic selection!


:rofl: the April 3rd episode of DC Daily (E141) discusses Hush 7-9 and it’s passionate and hilarious!

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Leob is just such a great writer for Batman, just soo good with the various characters and their various interactions. The rapport between Bruce and Dick, Bruce and Selina, it is very enjoyable to re-read.


Hi everyone! Here’s my thoughts on the talking points:

  1. Should Bats have told Cats? Yes, because he needs her on his side and by revealing his identity he earns her trust as well. Plus, she’s proven she not a threat. She’s a thief, not a murderer. Batman needs as many allies as he can get.

  2. Talia or Cats? Definitely Selina. Talia is to close to terrorism. Being with Talia would be like being forced into a bad arranged marriage. It probably works for one side and the other side isn’t benefiting.

  3. Definitive version of Cats? IMO, this storyline and art helps TO define the most current and modern version of the character. But time has proven that she will change in style and motives. I do like the goggles and I don’t prefer the stitched leather. Whitney Moore (my crush BTW :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) mentioned a few episodes ago on DC Daily how Jim Lee draws women standing and how it’s not natural. But it looks cool as hell and Lee’s version of Selina is one of the best.

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On of my favorite moments was from 614. This panel of Barbara at her console and the shadow casting a Bat-signal (partial). She plays a very crucial role to the family.


Another favorite moment was this scene in the cave with all of the Batmobiles over the years! I think it was a 2 page splash in print. So epic!



I agree. Defiantly one of the best Bat writers of all time.

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2 great moments! So many awesome Batmobiles! Such a great shot of the cave!


I loved that panel of the batcave and batmobiles too. I looked at it for a long time to enjoy all the details.


I also loved this moment with Oracle. It made me chuckle.



That was too good. So subtle.