DC Daily celebrates B:TAS and the upcoming Batman: The Adventures Continue with Paul Dini!

Hello Friends!

You may have noticed that DC Daily kinda (majorly) loves B:TAS and Collectibles! So lucky us, because Paul Dini is coming back to the show to talk about the new Batman: The Adventures Continue Comics! Plus, we’ll have some of the Collectibles with us on set! Woot!

We’d love to know your thoughts on the above comics and upcoming collectibles! What would you like to know from Paul Dini? You can also give a shoutout to B:TAS if you like, either way, you’re in great company!

Let us know down below, before Wed 3/4 :slight_smile:

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I love this, @DCDaily! Such an honor to have Paul Dini in the studio - thank you for inviting us to join in on the fun!

Outside of Batman: The Animated Series, I have two very cherished Paul Dini books in My Batman Collection that I absolutely adore. The art and storylines in both are out of this world! Please share my sincerest thank you for all of the incredible work - it is so appreciated among the DC fans! :heart:

Question for Paul: What is your favorite piece that you’ve worked on and why?


I’ve been a fan of Paul Dini & Bruce Timm ever since Batman the animated series, I’m thankful for the hard work they put into the show and can’t wait for the new comic, my question to Paul is, is the comic take place during or after The New Batman Adventures?


I’m really excited for the debut of Jason Todd in The Adventures Continue! However, I can’t help but think about how you already used a lot of Jason’s backstory as Robin as an amalgamation with the DCAU’s Tim Drake. Has your interpretation of Jason been affected by that?


I definitely can’t say enough great things about B:TAS! The way its team of creators crafted the series from design, storytelling, casting and how the cels were painted is simply breathtaking. This is a corner of the DC multiverse I always love to revisit!


It will be cool to see Jason. I can’t wait for this series!


I have been a fan of Paul Dini for a majority of my life. All my favorite episodes are written by him. I would love to know what ideas for Batman: TAS either he wasn’t allowed to do or would like to do now.


Question: If the new line of figures sells well, could we possibly see figures from outside the Batman universe make it into the line?


I love the figures from this collection. Very well made & priced extremely well. I know she was only mentioned, & it’s The New Batman Adventures technically. Since this will probably be the closest I’ll get to someone with the connections. Is there any chance they’ll ever be a Morgaine Le Fey character?


So is this now the confirmed history of the Beyond Universe in Rebirth?!


I watched Mad Love in X-Ray vision before this site was invented. It didn’t say who was commentating, but I assume it was you or Timm. The narrator said (not verbatim) “ I received a fake gun for New Years from a friend in New Orleans that shot confetti out of the top”. Continuing: “ I tried to work it in as much as possible.” Than Harley shoots confetti & ribbons out of the Fun-Gun, & wraps Jim Gordon to the dental seat. Was that you’re story? If not, do u know who it was pertaining to?


That looks so awesome


Dear Mr. Dini:

Upon its 1997 release, did you and/or Bruce Timm buy Kenner’s Harley Quinn action figure? Also, which action figure from BTAS and TNBA would you have loved to see be made, that ultimately wasn’t made?

So long, and thanks for all of the fantastic fish!

SN: Freakazoid toys, should they be a thing? I say (and quite emphatically) YES.


Lex Luthor’s return to Gotham City being described as “mysterious” has people wondering if the series takes place after the Justice League Unlimited finale when Luthor and Darkseid merged with the Source Wall. Can you confirm if the series take place before or after JLU or if any elements from JLU will be incorporated?


I like to thank Paul Dini for BTAS. The show that amazed me a child and one of the things that got me into comics.


BTAS was such a big deal growing up! From the opening scene crashing into the living room to the images of a Gotham filled with Art Deco accents, the program transported me to another place. I gladly am still there! Haha Thanks for bringing this series back for us to enjoy!
Question for Paul: BTAS creates a rich landscape for tales of The Batman and Gotham. What influences helped in creation of the BTAS world?


I’m a better person, and someone with a much more poetic and sentimental heart, because of BTAS and the effect it had on me growing up. Thank you so much. The world needs more of this series, and I’m deeply grateful it’s happening in some form. BTAS was a cartoon with a true soul.

No questions; I’m just thrilled for the ride ahead, and hope it isn’t over too quickly.