DC Daily Asks: Tell Us Your Thoughts on "No Man's Land" Meta Bar

In yesterday’s episode of DC Daily, Birds of Prey Ep 3 - “Prey for the Hunter” was discussed intently. Several really good topics came out of the episode, but one of our favorites had to do with the meta bar, “No Man’s Land”.

Clarke and the crew talked about the “No Man’s Land” bar and their thoughts on it. And, boy, did the opinions vary! Samm gave a very, um, compelling Yelp! Review, while Hector thought it was still missing some type of additional activity.

So, we now want to ask y’all:

What are your thoughts on the “No Man’s Land” meta bar and which meta would you want to see there?

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I’ve been reading it for the first time, and overall I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been interesting seeing these characters having to react in an essentially lawless environment, and I really liked how they introduced Cassandra Cain in the series.

EDIT: …Oh lord, I thought you guys were talking about the No Man’s Land comic event. Yeesh. Me no read 2 gud.

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It was a great discussion.
It had a speakeasy flair (remind me of how gay bars in the 50s & 60’s operated. Which is kinda the point.) and it goes to show that outsiders can find comfort in each other. That you are not alone. That you have community even if you must seek it out.

I had no problem with Dinah being in there. I don’t really think of it as a bar, more a hangout that serves drinks, including booze.

I’d like to see Dinah there. She’s a decent kid. I think I’d try to impart some wisdom to her. The biggest thing being “make the best decision you can at the time with the information you have. Sure, 20 years on you can look at it and say ‘yeah…ok…not the most brilliant thing I’ve done.” But you own it, and don’t do regrets. There is something freeing in that.