DC Daily Asks: 11/11, Birds of Prey Ep 5 - “Sins of the Mother”

It’s Monday and you know what that means - ‘Birds of Prey’ discussion on DC Daily! Today, we talked about Episode 5 - “Sins of the Mother”. This episode guest-starred Lori Laughlin as Carolyn Lance aka Black Canary. Of course, this fact brought on a lot of jokes, but it also raised a really amazing question:

“What did ya’ll think of this live-action version of Black Canary and her Canary cry?”

Check out today’s DC Daily, then come back here and tell us what YOU thought!

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This was my favorite episode when Birds of Prey initially came out. While I won’t lie hard to completely ignore why Lori Laughlin is in the news these days, especially in an episode where she plays a mother, but I thought she played the character excellently, and maybe because I was excited to see something drawn so much from comic lore I really enjoyed this episode when it aired.

Some of it’s approach and delivery is a bit dated by today’s standard but still think it’s a highlight of the series.

The weird thing was the canary cry seemed to work on the inhale of air and not just the exhale. Superheroes defy physics, but that was a bit much.

I will take a bit of an issue with Hector. Making the visual effect yellow, makes sense. Obviously the target audience wasn’t hardcore fans, so giving the uninitiated a visual que what was actually happening was a good thing.

If fact, that visual was my Y2PREY moment of the episode.