DC Daily, 04/26/2019

Not sure where to post this, so I will leave it to the Mods, Thank You In advance.

Watched Friday’s DC Daily; enjoyed the discussion on SUPERMAN II, though I would have loved to have seen a debate on the Richard Lester theatrical cut vs the Richard Donner cut. I understand that the Donner cut is not available on DCU, but surely the Daily panel has seen it. Is this a subject to be brought up in the future?


I suppose that would depend on who makes up the panel.
There is, at a minimum, one person on the 04/26/2019 panel who’s view of that movie clearly is not changeable regardless of the cut discussed.

Good to hear; that person would argue passionately for that person’s particular favorite, as they do with any other topic. I was just hoping that the topic would at least be touched on, and am curious if it might be touched on in the future.

Agreed, I’d love to see the two different cuts available. Maybe even have that big 3 hour ultimate cut of Superman 1 that was done for TV back in the 80s and put on blu-ray a while back.

@desade let it go


Let what go? I specified no particular “it” or panel member(s). I used the phrase “at least one”, for a reason.