DC Cover Girls collectibles

Finally moving into my new house tomorrow and can get started on collectibles. Recently, I was at my local cb store and saw a beautiful WW statue and it was apart of this “DC Cover Girls” limited edition line. Needless to say I want more now!! Anybody else have any from this line??

On the back of the box, they had Mera and Black Canary being advertised as they’re apart of the same line I believe


You mean this one, designed by Joelle Jones? She’s a beauty! Was contemplating getting it to be part of a Trinity display. Unfortunately, these are made at a smaller scale than the Designer Series line (of which I already have the Jim Lee Superman). It would have looked a bit off for what I had intended. Some useful info here on the entire line if you intend to collect 'em:



Yup that’s the one, I’m in love lol I’m about to look up the Jim Lee Supes

And thanks for that!

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just went through the link, sooo helpful. Wave 3 looks so nicee, I NEED that Zatanna one lol

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I like Joelle Jones art so I have bought a few

  1. Catwoman
  2. Mera
  3. Wonderman
  4. Super Girl

I going to buy Black Canary when it’s out

I’m hoping she does Poison Ivy


Really curious to see what those last 2 look like. You should post sometime :smiley: