DC Conspiracy Theory: The Mothman Was A Martian!

In 1966, in a West Virginia small town called Point Pleasant. A creature in the shape of man with beaming red eyes and giant 10 foot wings flew across the town, scaring the people of the town. With escalating rumors of it’s sightings, the locals gave it the name Mothman. Inspired by the Batman villain.

The Mothman alleged last prominent sighting in Point Pleasant was prior to the destruction of the silver Bridge in 1967 that killed over 46 people. After that any reports of Mothman thereafter were treated as a hoax. The Mothman now exists as part of the town’s folklore and in popular culture from books, movies and recently in fallout 76.

It’s fictional origins were numerous but one I thought to highlight was one where the urban legend was actually a extraterrestrial, a creature who wasn’t of this world. Now, a famous alien may not have wings, but he has a big cape, is a giant, and has well known red eyes.

The UFO legend goes even deeper with men in black being seen around prior and after the silver Bridge collapse. This was set in the 1960s when Martian Manhunter was prominently detective John Jones.

Lol okay, no more innuendos I promise :smile:

Do I believe the Martian Manhunter was the Mothman. No. But I thought why not just another Martian? This is not a pitch, but more like a headcannon logic I think could be cool to see canonized. Perhaps the Mothman was actually another Martian that found itself on earth like J’onn and lived in hiding around the same time as he did.
My idea is that considering the environment of West Virginia, the Martian may had simply adapted into the natural wildlife rather than live among humanity and eventually became so accustomed to nature, he indirectly assumed the role of Mothman.

What I thought would be interesting was that the Mothman could be added to Martian Manhunter rogue gallery as a tragic villain who could be like the equivalent of Man-Bat and have J’onn face off against a monstrous reflection of himself.

I always loved the mythology surrounding both characters and it seems that considering the people of Point Pleasant stole the name from a Batman comic book that DC steals the urban legend from the people of Point Pleasant.
Science fiction, 60s mass hysteria, and two aliens who were from that era, it certainly would be cool to see the Mothman be part of the Martian mythology and battle it out with the Martian Manhunter.


I actually, accidently got Point pleasant as my engineering disaster in my engineering class in college. I actually picked it but had no idea what it was. I ended up being the only person asked questions and guess what they were about? (Hint: it wasn’t the bridge)


This really cool. The Mothman story has always interested me and its real neat how you made all those correlations.