DC CONNECT #45 - April 2024 Solicitations

April solicits are here, and as far as new releases go, I’m excited for House of Brainiac and its tie-ins. I’m also intrigued by the mystery FCBD title that’s “30 years in the making”. Is it related to Zero Hour?

I’m sad to see Waid leave SHAZAM, but hopefully he’s busy working on something else for DC besides his stellar BATMAN/SUPERMAN WORLD’S FINEST title. We know he’s working on something for ACTION, and my fingers are crossed we will see he and Mora do a WORLD’S FINEST: JLA mini in the near future.

I’m very excited for the GREEN LANTERN titles as well this month! Jeremy Adams and PKJ are the best monthly writers and GL Corps stewards since the days of Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi.


sandoval might be my favorite superman artist (dan mora is my favorite everything artist so its unfair to compare)


My guess is Amanda Waller maybe will get the help of Brainia to create a Failsafe army. The Amanda Waller event has been stretched out since the end of Dark Crisis.


they need to mention her justice league of earth 3 tho
i wanna know how match and nocturna are doing


I wonder what event the FCBD is teasing.

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Final domino suggests the amanda waller event is finally starting after amanda waller was active in dark crisis, lazarus planet, knight terrors, beast world, house of brainiac, batman.