DC Community: The New Frontier

Greetings, DC Fam!

Throughout the first half of the year, the Community Team at DC Comics has been busy behind the scenes working on some very exciting developments—and the time to share the news has finally arrived! The future of the DC Community is very bright, and we’re excited to tell you all about what’s to come. Buckle up, friends!

Drumroll, please…

The DC Official Discord server is launching in July! That’s right: our doors are swinging open to welcome fans from all around the world to the new home of the DC Community. In the DC Official Discord server, you’ll be able to join all your friends and play games together, join exclusive community events, read comics together, watch livestreams, or just hang out and shoot the breeze! In the DC Official Discord server, the DC Community will be bigger and better than ever before.

The DC Official Discord server: A New Frontier!

Join Incentives, Server Programming, and New Features

By joining the DC Official Discord Server, you’ll be joining an amazing group of fans that want to celebrate their love for all things DC together–but you’ll also get some nifty perks for joining up! From Discord-exclusive events to monthly giveaways, to unique server roles and more…server membership comes with plenty of reasons to stick around.

As your non-stop DC celebration destination, we’ll have a rotating schedule of content and programming to keep you busy all month, every month! The DC Official Discord server will feature some new content, but all of our usual programming from our current DC Community site will roll into Discord, so you won’t skip a beat. DC Community classics like Mixtape Monday, Trivia Tuesday, DC Fanworks, DC Book Club and more will all be included in the kickoff of the server, so look forward to joining all your favorite programming. In the DC Official Discord Server, you’ll also be able to set up voice and video channels to hang out and chat with your friends! But that’s not all–official polls, quizzes, community games and much more will all be at your fingertips. We have some also new server features and tools in the works for the coming months, so keep an eye out for more exciting developments.

Changing Landscape

While the existing DC Community site has been our lovely home for many years, community.dcuniverseinfinite.com will be moving to a read-only format on August 5, until it closes down on September 2, 2024. We encourage everyone to screenshot, copy/paste, download, and save any/all content they wish to keep before the closure on September 2. You can also download all of your DC Community data by going to your preferences menu, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking on the Request Archive button. Additionally, you can click ctrl + P (or command + P on a Mac) to save any thread in PDF format.

All the wonderful DC fans who are part of the existing community site will receive a unique “DC Community Original” role in the DC Official Discord server, as well as access to an exclusive private channel. :heart:

We’ll be sharing more info about the launch of the DC Official Discord server in the coming weeks, including full details on join incentives, a full FAQ, a special DC Prize Pack giveaway, and much more! Keep an eye out for more information soon. :thumbs_up_batman:

If you have any questions, please drop them in the Office Hours thread, and I’ll dive into them on Tuesday, June 11!


Just to clarify - this entire community site is shutting down and moving to Discord?


It’s been an amazing ride all through the launch of DC Universe and then the lockdown with AJ and the new era after that. Looking forward to see what the Discord server brings!


Yes, @EDT on September 1 this will go away forever. :cry: It is a sad day. :pensive: But looking forward to what the future brings.


I’m certainly not going anywhere – I’ll be part of this community until the doors close, and I’ll be continuing to support the community as we move to new horizons. You can expect places for me to captain both Ask The Question and Trivia Tuesday when it launches, and perhaps more!


I will say, at first I was very, very upset by this (as @Jitsu knows). However, after a few days, I’ve come to notice the advantages to this move. I’m not thrilled about it (I really love it here), but I know that it can make our community stronger.


Good lol! I think I’d cry if these were discontinued


So excited you’ll be joining us in Discord. Your knowledge is a true superpower :heart: .


I promise to carry over as much of the spirit of Harley’s Crew as I can :purple_heart:


I appreciate you very much! Thank you for being open to a new adventure :crossed_swords:.


I guess I’ll have to figure out how discord works.


I am here until the doors close as @HubCityQuestion said. I don’t want to lose the relationships I’ve built here.


I am disappointed by this decision. It not only makes me less interested in participating in the community, it also decreases my likelihood to ever subscribe to DCUI. I find Discord to be very tricky.

EDIT: I’ll try to initially join the Discord, but it’s very hard to catch up on messages.


I’m gonna miss so much about this site. Goodbye posting character appreciation threads, comic reviews, and so much more

But I’ll be damned if I abandon this community. So, looks like I’m gonna get a lot more familiar with Discord


It’s entirely understandable to be disappointed, and I appreciate you sharing that feeling with us. We’ll be leveraging the forums feature on Discord as well, so that should help organize discussions and threads.

Thank you for giving Discord a chance!


I always said the same. I will be here until the lights go off! Ya’ll have been my chosen family for the last few years. I love all of you and definitely planning on going over to Discord for sure. I’m hoping I am able to continue to do my Wednesday night WAL as well over there, as that has been the highlight of my week. It will take some getting used to, but I know this is going to move the community forward not backwards, even if it feels bittersweet. I will see you all over on discord when it launches. You all better be there!


Gonna make me cry on a Monday :sob:.

I appreciate you so much! Looking forward to welcoming you to the server when it opens.


I can’t say I won’t miss this place, but I will certainly join over at Discord as soon as it is available!


I can guarantee there will be a designated madhouse for Harley’s Crew.


I’ll miss it too! This site has been a wonderful gathering place for us–can’t wait to welcome you to our new home :thumbs_up_batman: .