DC Community Exclusive Sneak Peek: Jurassic League #2!

With Jurassic League #1 having set the stage for a wild new take on the Justice League, the world is ready for issue #2 to hit the shelves on June 14. FOC for the next issue is this Sunday, but you won’t have to wait very long for a look at the next chapter in this older-than-time story!

Take an exclusive look at six pages from Jurassic League #2, and get ready to take a bite out of the new book in less than a month!

What did you think of Jurassic League #1? Let me know in the thread below!


It looks awesome™:+1:. Can’t wait to read these.


Can’t wait to read this! Jurrasic League really won me over in the first issue and i’m sure the second will be just as good!

This may be my favorite DC Comics Elseworlds in quite some time!


This is such a unique idea lol and I adored the first issue, can’t wait for the rest of the series!!


Same here! It’s such a wild take on the JL, and I’m absolutely into it. Really lookin’ forward to the rest too!


Welcome To Jurassic League
What they got in there, King Kong? :grin:
@Jitsu you there? :cold_sweat: He left us, he left us! I really can’t wait to read the comic! Love this idea of Jurassic Park meets Justice League kind of style. :grinning:

Love this part in the credit ending of Lego Batman 3. When I first saw this, it got me excited about the new Jurassic World game at the time. :grinning: :t_rex:


Shut up and take my money!


This is awesome! Looks fantastic and nice to see it so far in advance!

I had to look up what FOC meant but once I did I’m on the same page!


Loved issue #1! Can’t wait for the next one!

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