DC Comics TV, Live Action and Animated Movies

So I was curious about the communities thoughts on the following,

in regards to animated tv DC shows of the past Batman the Animated series, Justice league, etc,

why is DC, or whom ever is calling the shots on animated DC shows, why is no one coming forward to put up any kind of animated series that were popular, with a new twist, and perhaps do an animated series on Death Metal, etc,

with so many DC Comic stories out there, the possibilities are endless on what stories to do.

and the same for live action and animated, granted there are steady movies coming out in both fields,

but pick your favorite story line, from any era, or show some statistics that show a DC Comic book story by a writer did really well one year and still stands as a great story, and then circle back to, what is the hold up into putting it on tv or the big screen?

I can see why things were not attempted say 20-30 years ago, but now we are entering the early 2020s , so to blame things on the lack of technology, the lack of interest, money, not enough talented voice actors / actresses, not enough writers or artists,

I really don’t buy into that any more, not when there are plenty of people out there in the acting and voice over world, looking for work, along with writers and artists.

I mean if we compare things to Disney, Disney took over Star Wars and Marvel, and they are cranking out material left and right not stop for both, with out any concern on if it is of any substance or not.

so, I dunno, I am grateful though, that the physical comic books are vast and plenty to choose from.

Love them.

They are with Caped Crusader

Because most animation creators do not want to be too tied to the source material.

They also want to make this job last. An adaptation eventually reaches its end.

Animation is heavily targeted at children and selling toys. Many parents would not let them watch something that starts with “death” in the title.

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I also think the market is too saturated with DC animated content. Or at least HBO Max is, and that’s why Zavlav is thinking Caped Crusader would just be the 11th Bat cartoon if it’s on HBO Max, but on Apple or Amazon Prime, it’ll be a big deal there.

With the animated movies, there are just too many now. The only one that made tons of money was the first one, Brainiac Attacks.
They need to do something wildly different to get interest in new installments, so Soul of the Dragon was a good step in that direction.

Also, they keep pre-empting what the live action films are about to do, so JLA War comes out just a couple years before the live-action JLA does, Long Halloween comes out just before The Batman comes out. It’s like some cheapo rival studio that’s rushing out inexpensive copycat productions just before the big studio can finish it’s blockbuster on the same concept.

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Excellent observation friend.

I would add that, if animated movies are not the way to go, to help anyone, I would really really love to see a brand new animated DC series, not lame CG , but a similar style to B.A.T.S and Justice League an I think the sequel to that was Justice League Unlimited.


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Brainiac Attacks was years before the main line and was a huge failure.

I was thinking after I recently posted two images of the new McFarlane Bane Megafig posed to break Batman’s back (one with a first series McFarlane Batman in classic blue/gray and the other with a bootleg version of the NECA Batman 66)
We’ve seen two versions of the death of Superman as well as flashpoint, Tower of Babel etc etc… and we’ve seen many different versions of Bane but we’ve never seen an actual Knightfall adaptation. Dark Knight Rises came close, but I’d really like to see a full-on adaptation faithful to the comics.

I was just reading the Destroyer three part storyline in Batman 474, LotDK 27 and Detective Comics 641.
And that is a really good story about a fanatic who is obsessed with Gotham City’s original architect. The whole story was used as a framing device to bring the 1989 Batman movie design of Gotham as designed by Anton Furst into the comics.