DC Comics Sixty Year’s of the World’s Favorite Comic Book Heroes by Les Daniels

I just wanted to show off this amazing book I complete forgot was in my collection. I just found it hiding elsewhere along 1 other book, by themselves. It’s a very detailed book about the history of DC Comics. It goes into details about many topics, and has many high quality photos to go along with them. The only downside is it’s copyright 1995 so it only talks about the first 60 years and nothing newer. It’s definitely a must read for anyone who wants to know more about the history of DC Comics. It’s got a lot of pictures of vintage DC merchandise, as well. I can not praise this book enough and highly recommend it.


I have this book and I LOVE this book! I’ve it since I was fourteen and have taken it to a few comic conventions to get signed by various DC people.

Now I gotta find which box it’s in and take some pictures!


Show us the sigs!

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Joe Kelly, Irwin Donenfeld, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Rags Morales

Irwin Hasen

Joe Simon

Julie Scwartz

Carmine Infantino


That’s amazing!

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Neal Adams

Mike Kaluta

Sarah Douglas

George Perez

Jim Aparo

Kevin Conroy

Denny O’Neil


Just by creating this post, you brought back a lot of fantastic memories. I can look at these pages and remember exactly where I was when I got these signatures.

Thank you, @Green_Loontern!


These page choices are perfect!


@superby1 That is a great collection of signatures! What wonderful memories you must have. Thanks so much for sharing!


There’s some wonderful stories to go with these, too :blush:

I’ve always held onto this book. It was a Christmas present in 1997. I’d seen this book before in Barnes and Noble and I borrowed it from the library once, but I was so thrilled to have my own copy. A few years ago when I started going to cons, I took it with me. Figured it would be a nice way to meet creators. And it was!


I have this book too lol