DC Comics' Proposed "5G" Initiative: What are Your Thoughts?

I recently heard about DC Comics’ rumored 5G initiative, which is speculated to involve major characters in the DC Universe like Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern ceding their mantles to younger characters, similar to what Marvel did back in 2015 with their “All New, All Different Marvel” initiative. And as reported by The Beat and Bleeding Cool, these younger characters will not be the usual suspects we would expect to take over the respective mantles. For example, it is speculated that Lucas Fox, not Robin, Nightwing, etc, will be replacing Bruce Wayne as Batman. Similar reports exist for the other DCU staples.

This worries me. For one thing, Marvel’s attempt at this sort of thing failed, pretty epically too. That is why they had their most recent reboot, which reestablished the original characters to their proper mantles. For another, I am not one bit interested in seeing Lucas Fox, or really anyone else, take on the mantle of Batman from Bruce Wayne. The same goes for Superman, Flash, and all the established characters of the DCU. I would love to read a story that has Lucas Fox in it and allows me to get to know the character better, and maybe have a story arc where he DOES take up the role of Batman for a little while, just to see what he does with the responsibility. But then go back to the status quo. That is how you build fanbase for a new character. Simply forcing me to read about him because he now has the mantle of Batman and has replaced Bruce Wayne in every book is not going to make me like the character. In fact, it will make me dislike him, because he is taking the place of Bruce Wayne who I have idolized since the time I got out of diapers. Lastly, it proves that Lucas Fox and all the other young guns of the DC Universe are not characters unto themselves, as they are having to replace existing and established characters to get any notoriety.

But maybe I am wrong, and maybe this will be the greatest event in the last 20 years of DC History (Club members, where you at?)

So as a DCU Community, I am asking for your opinion!
Should DC continue down this path of 5G and give the mantels of our favorite heroes to young newcomers, or should DC try a different approach to give these new characters exposure and leave the mantles with their original owners?

Link to article that brought this to my attention: Everything we know about DC’s rumored 5G plan - The Beat


There have been many threads on this 5G, and I don’t mind posting on another. I agree with your thoughts. The prevailing defense of it on the threads seems to be “these changes are always short lived, stop complaining.” That said, some of these changes are not intended to be short. I bet 5G isn’t meant to just boost sales for a season. Comic companies do this in hopes the change is well received. I think Marvel’s example you brought up is a perfect one. Marvel would still be doing the “All-New, All Different” if it didn’t tank. The only reason these things are short lived is because they are not successful with fans. (Generally speaking)


Oh I haven’t found any other threads on it, thats why I started a new one. But anyways, thanks for posting on mine!! I definitely agree, DC wouldn’t be going through all this build up if they didn’t intend in it being a long term plan. And I just think that DC should learn from Marvel’s mistake and instead focus on developing really interesting stories that feature the original title characters AND the newbies. But I have a feeling that out and out replacing the old guys is not going to end well…


I agree.


I’m a DC fan and for the first time since 2001 I’m buying zero monthly issues. I’m finding enough stuff I either missed out on the first time or want to go back and reread on DC Universe to keep me plenty busy.

But if DC were to do something really bold like relaunch the entire line with a bunch of new characters taking over the heroic identities of icons like the Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, and more, THAT would get my attention. That would get me excited about new comics again. That would make me go out and try a bunch of new titles instead of waiting on them to show up here 12 months later.

So I guess I’m exactly the kind of comic book reader DC would be targeting with this sort of initiative. I know I’m in the minority here, but I find the whole concept of 5G pretty cool and I hope it happens.


I’m okay with Lucas and Cassie becoming batman and wonder woman ,but I’m still mad that they aged Jon to 17,I still think 5G have potential


I mostly buy wonder comics and stuff like it, not major titles, so I’m kinda whatever about the whole thing. But it is a good thing to launch new no.1’s because that’s what got me into comics in the first place. I think it’s okay. Might buy.


Honestly this is a conversation that is coming up more and more in my local comic shop. I think if they continue to keep a regular storyline for each of the generations (ie. Batman still having a Bruce Wayne line alongside the Luke Fox one, etc.) It might work. But if they push the new guys too hard I’m worried about alienation of readers.

Marvel really alienated a lot of people with their All New lines, myself and my sister included. I just hope the current DC heads have looked at the marvel model and learned something from how it didnt work…


One more thought on this: if it leads to a Connor Hawke Green Arrow series and/or Linda Danvers coming back as Supergirl, they can have all of my money.


Yeah, All New All Different happened right at the time I was starting to frequent comic shops, and it totally dissuaded me from buying any Marvel titles. I had no clue who these characters were and even though they were supposed to be younger trend like I was, I coudlnt relate with any of them.

I think your idea of having two titles, one with the original version and one with the new, would work really well and that way fans on both sides would be happy.

Thanks for sharing your opinion!


Yeah, I’m still furious with Bendis for what he did to John and the Superman family that Tomasi crafted so well.


I definitely see where older stuff is more appealing than newer series which often have no direction or are incredibly drawn out (cough Justice League cough). But I think replacing all the established characters so that we have fresh stories is kind of throwing the baby out with the bath water (19 here and I know that saying :joy:). If they were coming out with stories as exciting as the Timmverse cartoons or the 2004 Teen Titans show, everyone would be happy and books would be selling like hotcakes. It’s not the characters who are the problem, it’s the writers.

But I do agree on Connor Hawke returning, that would be epic!!!


And thanks for sharing your opinion! I definitely see your points!


It’s not even that I don’t think what’s being published now, it’s more that I don’t feel compelled to go out and buy it. In a year or less it will be available through Hoopla or here on DC Universe. For me (and I definitely know I’m in the minority) something really big like this would be worth checking out as it happens. Especially if the next generation aren’t all the people we’re expecting (I really like the rumour that Captain Boomerang Jr. would be the new Flash).

I guess for me it would be like the 90s when Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen were replaced by Kyle Rayner and Connor Hawke, and when Linda Danvers and Jack Knight became the new Supergirl and Starman. Or the 2000s when Jaime Reyes and Jason Rausch were the new Blue Beetle and Firestorm. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the characters – I’d just be excited to see what could be done with new characters in those costumes.

But I totally respect people who feel differently.


I like your idea, it’s kinda what they did for batman beyond which was awsome :+1:


Marvel alienated you and your sister?? Oh no no no. See that whole revamp was supposed to make women like yourself more comfortable reading scary boy comics.

You two were just reading Tiger Beat and washing your hair before that right? :smirk::joy:


I’ve been a DC fan for 40 years. I’ve seen all of the major crossovers and reboots since Crisis on Infinite Earths. Have i liked them all? Nope. But I like it when DC will use what works and try to keep it. I think the 5G initiative is bold, but unnecessary. Jaime Reyes and Kyle Rayner are great examples. I really disliked most o the New 52. The characters felt like soulless clones of the older versions. I think the idea of the new heroes in one book, and the originals in another book would be the right way to go. Put Luke Fox in Batman and Bruce in Detective Comics.


That makes sense!! I wasn’t buying new comics at the time all that was happening so I know it as just a part of the DC lore, and I know once 5G is all said and done it will be the same. I just don’t want the initiative to cause DC Comics to lose readership (and as you’ve said, it would bring you back so maybe it won’t!)

I’m just a little protective of Superman and Batman in particular as the icons of the DC Universe. And I know Bendis will be involved, and that scares me because he’s already destroyed the Superman books he’s on and no one is buying his Batman: Universe books that are reprints of the Wal-Mart stuff. Not to mention he was directly involved with the All New, All Different at Marvel, so that concerns me further.

But I honestly hope that you are right, and that it is something epic that fans everywhere can get excited about and as always I hope it brings in NEW readers. I just have my doubts.

Thanks again for the opinions!


And I have a sneaking suspicion DC is trying to do the same thing. Funny how that didn’t work out so well for Marvel…


Thanks for the reply good sir!!

As a gilded DC fan of four decades, I value getting your opinion! I definitely agree, I think two books is the way to go here! And particularly, I agree that Bruce should stay in Detective Comics and Clark in Action, and then do whatever new thing they want to do in Batman and Superman.

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