DC Comics Omnibus Strikethrough

Anybody else notice how DC Comics is no longer going to release some upcoming Omnibuses that they were going to?
What could be the reason?
Is this a substitution play where Batgirl is being replaced with (hopefully) more Aquaman?


Hi ab! I’m not sure of the answer to this, but if you’d like me to look into it feel free to ask on the OFFICE HOURS thread in Watchtower and I’ll spend the week asking around for you :slight_smile: Otherwise I’m afraid this will get lost in the usual shuffle. Folks are free to speculate in the meantime, though.

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Thank you. I was not sure if this would be worth putting in the office hours thread, but thanks to your response, I definitely will ask there.


What are some of the ones you’ve noticed it with?
I imagine thee are several factors playing in, to various degrees.
For additional volumes I’m sure sales of the first have to reach certain marks to roll additions.
DC has also had various and sundry problems with rights and royalty agreements over the years. Now that comics are officially a Thing in mass culture I would be surprised if some creators, production companies etc want to renegotiate.
Finally, both Marvel and DC seem to shift every few years on their back catalogue reprint strategy. DC Archives, Marvel essentials and the like faded away, maybe the Omnibus is next,

I wouldn’t be surprised if the cancellation of the Hush omnibus is due to the Essential Edition trade coming out later in the year.

Granted the content varies greatly but if someone wants just the Hush arc, and none of the other stuff he was in, what do you think would sell better and be more worthy of company resources? Yep, the $24.99 book.

Here is a list of omnibus reprints cancelled:

Batman: Hush (like Vroom said)
Batgirl of Burnside omnibus
Detective Comics: Before Batman

I will continue to add to this list if I recognize any others. I know I am missing some, but at the time I saw, it did not concern me.

Hush has been collected in alotta ways. Maybe dc is just thinkin to spread the omnibus love. The money flowin in from the Aquaman movie, the potential of the shazam flick…maybe we can get some more variety

A Power of Shazam omnibus would be sweet! I’d buy that (and for more than a dollar :slight_smile: ).

I ALMOST got the jl detroit, but just gobbled the single issuses to complete a run. And the smells of 30 yr old funny books…

The smell of old comic books is indeed a grand one. As good as the smell of fresh ink on new product.


Still, an omnibus allows the series to be collected in one book instead of trying to find all material for that story. It can also save storage space as well as make it easier to read because one 300 page book is better than picking up a 50 page book and then setting that down to pick up another, repeating four more times.

Now, if DC Comics is going to create a Complete Edition, so buyers will not need to do research or wonder if they will have everything, I would definitely purchase that over the omnibus run.

I got that kirby sized FF galactus book for christmas. Its gotta be the coolest ever, the size of its INSANE, but damn is it unwieldy. I have to read it while layin on my stomach on the floor or bed!

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The cancellations may also be caused by the Essential Edition line. They’ve been pushing that pretty hard and are continually adding titles to it.

Omnibuses are probably the slower selling segment of their collected editions program due to their typically high price tags, so I can see the heads of that product division “trimming the fat” and focusing on the lower priced lines/labels/formats/what have you…like the Essential Edition line for example.

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I can understand how price would affect the amount of omnibuses being released. When the price goes from $75 to $125 in retail value, the amount of people who would be able to purchase the initial wave would dramatically decrease. I guess DC Comics had trouble getting revenue for some of these, which explains the Detective Comics Omnibus being removed. I cannot confirm this, but I believe I read that the possible revenue did not qualify for it to be released. Hopefully, the success of Aquaman will let DC Comics cash in and release a wave of Aquaman Golden Age Omnibus editions to the public. Or even Shazam before its release.

I probably should’ve done this with Jonah Hex, but I can consolidate here. For anyone interested in Aquaman Silver Age Omnibus- bad news, it has been cancelled. But, there is going to be a Deadman Bronze Age Omnibus, so that will be cool.