:dc: 🎆 DC Comics in 2024: What Are You Excited For? 🎆 :dc:

Not to show too much of how the sausage is made, but two of the clubs I oversee (co-oversee in one case) will be highlighting the anniversaries of For Tomorrow and Zero Hour next year.

Put aside your Sunday finest for when their times come, as each shindig should be quite the humdinger of a good time. :superman_hv_4:

Welcome to Godfall and Identity Crisis!

Again, each will be getting the club spotlight to highlight their big 2-0s next year. If you want to join the fun when the respective parties begin, you’d be more than welcome to attend each soiree.

@Jitsu Any chance that could be passed onto DC’s marketing team? :wink:

If I’m getting folks here interested in Godfall and Identity Crisis because of my highlighting their big anniversaries in 2024, DC could slap “20th Anniversary Edition” on new editions of each (an Absolute Edition of Godfall would be an awesome anniversary commemorative) and bring in some extra anniversary buckos for each titanic tale. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to inflate Godfall too much for you @TheMidKnightSon, but its good.

Anticipates @Bar-El chiming in with agreement.

Any minute now, my Alaskan friend will touch down, Reeve-style, and agree.

Any minute now…


Hmmm. The Dan Jurgens Black Label Bat-Man book will probably be pretty great! Of course continuing with Green Lantern, Jay Garrick, Wesley Dodds, Superman by Williamson, Batman by Zdarsky. The three part story in Brave and the Bold about Gotham Academy does have me pretty excited.

And on the collection front, I’m beyond excited to complete my Gail Simone run of Birds of Prey with Progeny, and the Robin: Tim Drake compendium looks just amazing!

Now if we could just get some Stephanie Brown books in there… :wink:


Yep- saw it. :smiley: Thx again SC @Vroom. :fist_right: :fist_left:
BG BG BG! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart: :00_batgirl1: :0_batgirl: :birds_of_prey_club_oracle: :00_birds_of_prey: :00_batman_1989:


Williamson has been doing great when hes given characters (not really events but eh)
im also looking forward to the current superman run and i hope he dives more into superboy and the current big bads connection in terms of abilities and origin


:smiley: :+1:


B-Man89E is set to finish up right around June 23rd, the film’s big anniversary day, so I’m wondering if there will be any cross connectivity between the two. :thinking:


Thank you so much for 85 years of diligence and courage. I know you don’t normally do hugs but I’m givin’ ya’ this one. :hugs: :smiley:


Being a Dan Jurgens fan, I’ll likely check that one out. Its not on my most-anticipated list as of now, but I gots to support The Jurg, so…

Excellent choices, mon frere!

I read Batman #139 last week and I really did not like it. I can’t remember when I last disliked an issue of Batman (regardless of volume) as much as I did that one.

That said, I’ve enjoyed Zdarsky on Batman by and large. I hope 139 was just a rare misfire.

More Gotham Academy is always a good thing, no doubt.

Good choices!

She definitely deserves some compendium-style love.

No problemo, R @DC89. :+1:t2:

Alright, another member of Team Williamson on Superman!

Hands out a “Make Mine Williamson”-branded t-shirt.

Look at the stitching on that! Its :superman:swell, high-quality stuff and then some.

Cough Batman 35th anniversary WAL on that day (schedules permitting, natch). Cough

Oh my, I need some Soder.

“Brand X?”

Perish the thought! I’m a Smilex Soder kind-of man.


I’m excited for the Penguin show and hopefully getting some updates on The Batman Part II.


Anything on the comics side of the fence grabbing your eyes, Mr. Murdock?


also happy that green arrow is a monthly


I need to catch-up on Williamson’s GA. I think I left off at…#2.


Yeah the compact comics look interesting and whatever Sean Murphy’s next entry to the White Knight universe is i’ll be buying.



I’m definitely onboard for the Compact edition of Hush. Might yoink All-Star Superman and Watchmen as well.

While I enjoy the Murphyverse on the Batman side of things, I’d like to see him expand into other properties.

A Suicide Squad mini in Murphy’s unique style could be nifty, especially since the property will be in the spotlight next year due to the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game, the Isekai anime and the Dream Team series.



I hear the product line is new and improved. :eyes:


Agreed. Def wanna’ see the Watchmen edition. :+1:


Not much.

Just my normal monthly comics and the final season of Superman & Lois.


Batman: Dark Age

The Bat-Man: First Knight:


For sure! Was so good seeing Kon have such a big role recently!

I have to admit, I struggled with that issue to start with, but chatting with my friend MagisterP on League of Comic Geeks has brought me around to being excited.


I do hugs all the time.