DC comics future

What is the future of DC comics???

Hopefully more adult content on this app.
Step in where Marvel is losing and capitalize on it while their fan base is cannibalizing each other. Lol

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I believe DC comics will be fine. Welcome to the community, by the way. It’s nice to meet both of you. We do currently have a thread we’re a complex discussion (about the same topic) is going on, if you wish to join. But don’t worry, the mods have assured us that the streaming service is fine. In fact they’ve said that several times.

Bushido, I kind of disagree with you. There happens to be a lot of people on here that would like more kid friendly stuff. But I’m all for both.


I agree with @Behemoth. We’ll be fine.

I’d rather DC not move to R and TV-MA and M and whatnot. I don’t want the next generation to be alienated from Batman. They can appeal to adults too, but I don’t like that kind of vulgar stuff anyway. It is uncivil, uneducated, and unnecessary in my own opinion (I hate sounding like the goody-two-shoes but the fact remains).


That doesn’t make you a goody-two-shoes. It makes you an individual.


It’s looking like print media may be going by the wayside. Recently, former DC artist, Ethan Van A Sciver stated that he heard from a good source within DC that if this new 5G event doesn’t sell, then AT&T would close down the publishing arm of DC and possibly license out their IP to other publishers (see AT&T Closing DC Comics If '5G' Fails Says Ethan Van Sciver | Cosmic Book News). It used to be the case that DC’s print media was the source material tgat drove others media, like movies and TV shows, but AT&T believes that there is enough creative talent in the animation, television, and film industries, that can produce these creative stories via other platforms. It’s going to hurt to see comic books die, but tge stories will live on in other content media.