DC Comics Future State Immortal Wonder Woman

I had expected that the DC comics Future State Immortal Wonder Woman would have incorporated the following ( TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K)-YouTube video/documentary/cgi) into Future State Immortal Wonder Woman portion of the DC comics Future State timeline.

I guess I was wondering if whether or not within the DC comics Future State timeline would Diana Prince the Immortal Wonder Woman managed to remain alive well into 110–120 trillion) million years into the future the cosmic time period of High estimate for the time by which normal [star formation] ends in galaxies.[[5]] This marks the transition from the [Stelliferous Era to the Degenerate Era]; with no free hydrogen to form new stars, all remaining stars slowly exhaust their fuel and die.[[4]] By this time, the universe will have expanded by a factor of approximately 102554.[[119]]. And would the gradual passage of time and cosmic entropy manage to take more affect on her exterior appearance. And what about 1030 (1 nonillion) years into the future the cosmic time period of Estimated time until those stellar remnants not ejected from galaxies (1–10%) fall into their galaxies’ central [supermassive black holes]. By this point, with [binary stars]having fallen into each other, and planets into their stars, via emission of gravitational radiation, only solitary objects (stellar remnants, brown dwarfs, ejected planetary-mass objects, black holes) will remain in the universe.Or even ![10^{10^{10^{56} years into the future the cosmic time period of Time for quantum effects to generate a new [Big Bang], resulting in a new universe. Around this vast timeframe, quantum tunnelling in any isolated patch of the now-empty universe could generate new [inflationary events], resulting in new Big Bangs giving birth to new universes.[[138]]

*(Because the total number of ways in which all the subatomic particles in the observable universe can be combined is {\displaystyle 10^{10^{115}}}![10^{10^{115}}years into the future | a number which, when multiplied by 10^{10^{10^{56}}}}![10^{10^{10^{56}}} years into the future|0x0], disappears into the rounding error, this is also the time required for a quantum-tunnelled and [quantum fluctuation]-generated Big Bang to produce a new universe identical to our own, assuming that every new universe contained at least the same number of subatomic particles and obeyed laws of physics within [the landscape.

No, she risks her life so much that a heroic death is bound to get her eventually.

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I’m confused by the numbers in the post. Are you copying and pasting these from Wikipedia?

Yes I apologize I guess I wasn’t sure how else I would be able to provide the distant to far futuristic theoretical calendar dates and events that would go with those particular calendar dates.

It was more of a what if possible alternative future state timeline if she doesn’t necessarily get her life taken by a heroic death. But rather manage to have it taken by her own individual personal level of old age and even extreme old age( although comparison-contrast to us that would take eons longer than it would for us.