DC Comics Female Characters

I like DC’s Madame Xanadu(Justice League Dark volume 1 #15-18( “The Death of Magic, Part 1: Up is Down”, “The Death of Magic, Part 2: Night of the Hunter” The Death of Magic, Part 3: Prisoners of Epoch" The Death of Magic, Part 4: The Last Stand". Her prolonged aging process is interesting. I’d love to chat about it with someone. Conceptually, it fascinates me to my core. To essentially be immortal, your life span within centuries. If anyone is interested, please, feel free to discuss with me. (And when she temporarily lost it it made me wonder if could it potentially be a basis for prolonged gradual aging process past 120 years old for Marvel comics male and female characters such as Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Pepper Potts and DC comics male and female characters as Selina Kyle, Barbara Gordan, Harleen Quinzell, and Barbara Kean and other comic book franchises female and male characters with the assistance of and combined with Amber Valletta: W ‘One for the Ages’/.) wamber3 (1)|631x500
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