DC Comics and Archie?

IDK about y’all but DC and Archie have this weird relationship, they cross over from time to time, there’s some kind of deal that makes them published, produced or distributed buy the same company or whatever it is. DC has even made one-off shot comics of Archie Comics heroes back in the 90s I think it was cuz yes if you didn’t know, Archie Comics has dabbled in the super hero territory before and they’re about to do it again with “Superteen”. The more I think about it the more I question why DC hasn’t just bought Archie already.
Think about it, DC desperately needs a more diverse set of tiles cuz one thing they are missing is the non-superhero drama titles, Archie truly needs help developing superheroes. It seems like the perfect fit cuz let’s face it, theirs are quite cheesy like a child made them up. Archie could exist as another brand/label/imprint in the DC Comics universe. It could be cool like imagine Riverdale and Greendale set on opposite sides of the river in the suburbs outside Gotham, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch as part of Justice League Dark or the Sentinels of Magic! That’d be cool af and something I’d like to see, especially that Sabrina idea.

Archie comics is
Owned privately
By two individuals
Who seem
to not get along

I doubt
They would agree
To anything
Much less
Selling to DC comics


Archie and his friends are
A Goldmine

He is not giving them to anyone

Their super heroes has
Never really been hits
Since the 1940s

A recent revival of the
Mighty Crusaders failed
A couple of years ago
As well as a prior reboot
Involving the children
Of their super heroes.

The estate of Joe Simon
The Lancelot Strong
Version of the Shield
And the Fly
Which inspired Spider Man
But not Fly Girl.

Here is the history up before that


OMG wow. While I agree they probably wouldn’t agree but knowing this now I think even more that it’s a better idea.

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And yeah IK that Archie Heroes have never been hits but that’s why I think they would do well if they worked with DC. Create new characters, reimagine some old ones to make them hits, like if Archie was it’s own brand like Vertigo and had it’s own imprint for Superheroes (all the same universe ofc) I think they could do a lot better.

Side note: I was never feeling all these new imprints DC has been doing like Black Label and Wonder Comics cuz I always thought that instead of creating imprints for different types of comics just add a diversity in titles in the main line. But after someone explained to me that they’re managed differently I’m like wait a minute, that’s a good idea. MORE IMPRINTS CUZ DC’S MAIN LINE MANAGEMENT SUCKS ASS!

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