[DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs Club] Art of the Crisis! December 12th – 25th 2019

Greetings, DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs! Our new biweekly celebration of all things DC Art is focused on “Art of the Crisis” (not to be confused with “Art of the Deal”).

The next two weeks of this special Holiday season we’ll be gleefully singing the praises of the 1980s art mostly just prior to and during the Crisis of Infinite Earths Wolfman / Perez epic of that time period. This will include all surrounding DC comics related to the Crisis.

Here’s a handy link to many of the covers and comics of the first Crisis:

Dig in, post and comment away!!!


This is pretty rad. I like the coloring, and the overall aesthetic, as well as the people within the spheres. They remind me of the star child from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Another good one. Steel is rendered well, with his fury coming right off the cover. The cover copy is fun too.

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Nothing says “crisis” like orange and red.

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I love this one because it feels like a Meme is just waiting to be written on this. It’s from issue 7 of COIE

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I’m thinking three or four things with that one, JL:

  1. Is this the Book of Destiny foretelling vaping?

  2. Why is Anti Monitor winking at me?

  3. Did Mommie Anti Monitor just take him to the orthodontist and this is a Super Set of Braces?

  4. Is he using eye prodders to stay awake through 12 whole intense issues of Crisis without sleeping?

I gotta go see if there is a gif of this one yet!


This page from I believe Issue 6 of Crisis of the Charlton Heroes being drawn by George Perez is a great treat!