DC Collectibles Movie Line.

Although they cancelled the line after Superman/Batman, I’m surprised DCC didn’t retool the designs and release a gift set for Justice League like they did New 52 and Rebirth. The designs they had were awesome! Maybe reducing the amount of articulations to what the TV line was might have worked better. Bummed we never got the regular Batman or Wonder Woman. Am I the only person who wished they would have done a JL movie set?


The DCC stuff looked great but it would have been really pricy at $50 a figure to get the whole League. I was content to get the $20 a figure Mattel line.


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Totally agree. But I’m surprised they didn’t come up with something closer to the TV line in articulations. They didn’t need to have 40 points of Articulation like the BvS figures they did. To be honest, I thought that was their biggest mistake. Just do a basic 7” line of figures based off the JL movie.

And the sad thing is, the Mattel ones are about an inch shorter than the DCC TV line. I’d be cool if they designed something from the movies in the Essentials line!