DC characters sorted into hogwarts houses

Sort dc characters into hogwarts houses for example:
Wonder Woman: Gryffindor
Superman: hufflepuff
Cyborg: ravenclaw
Batman: slytherin

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Riddler and Barbara Gordon would be Ravenclaws

Hmmm I’ll try to sort some JSA characters (feel free to disagree and add to the list)

Jay Garrick - Hufflepuff
Wildcat - Gryffindor
Power Girl - Slytherin
Stargirl - Gryffindor
Mr. Terrific (Holt) - Ravenclaw
Atom Smasher - Hufflepuff
Black Adam - Slytherin
Hawkman - Slytherin
Cyclone - Ravenclaw
Billy Batson - Gryffindor
Dr. Midnite - Ravenclaw
Ma Hunkle - Hufflepuff