DC Characters In ERB

Hello, my fellow DC fans! Today, I’d like to ask you if there are any DC characters, mainstream or obscure, that you’d like to see appear in EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!!

For those who are unaware, Epic Rap Battles of History is a web series in which each episode has two or more celebrities, historical figures, or fictional characters pitted against each other in Rap Battles. It’s basically like “Death Battle,” but music-based and more even-handed to prevent fanboy whining and flame wars.

Of course, due to DC’s popularity as a name brand, the Big Three have already made appearances in ERB (Batman $ Robin against Sherlock Holmes & Watson, Superman against Goku, and Wonder Woman against Stevie Wonder.)

Superman and Wonder Woman’s appearances were great, perfectly encapsulating the characters as we understand them and giving them great lines, while the Dynamic Dup were just… eh…

But I digress. I want to know which DC characters you think should appear in ERB next, whom their opponents should be, and what you thought of the characters who already did appear.

Personally, I think ERB needs more DC characters to even out their heavy focus on Marvel characters (Thor, Stan Lee, Deadpool, the Hulk, and Wolverine have already appeared, and Thanos is set to appear in the future.)

What’s good my man!!!

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Hal and Sinestro! Lol


That would be hilarious!