"DC Characters Are Coming to Webcomics Through Deal With Webtoon"

It’ll be interesting to see what creators they’ll get for this and what characters they’ll use.


Interesting. It’s good to see DC trying to break into new markets and get fresh eyes on their characters.

I seem to remember signing up for Webtoon a long time back, might have to dust it off…


I’m excited for this! There are so many fantastic comics on Webtoon! Can’t wait to find my favorite heroes there as well!!! :heart_eyes:

If ya’ll are new to Webtoon I will recommend:

  • Lore Olympus for some fantastic storytelling in the Greek Mythology lens
  • unOrdinary for some superpowered high schoolers
  • Ava’s Demon for some far out power/space/dimensional craziness I can’t really describe well

and for something a little darker check out:

  • Uriah
  • Not Even Bones

This looks up my alley. Will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!


Plus it’s beautiful! I don’t know how some of these creators do it all on their own!

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