DC Character Music Bands

Villains and Heros, mix and match, the choice is yours.

Categories are really anything you can think of, from boy bands, KPop, girl bands, Rap, Jazz, Reggae, etc…

Would Lex Luthor be a Frank Sinatra kind of crooner?
Would Lobo kill it on the drums?

Is Sinestro some weird hipster jazz flute player?

Do you want an all-hero or all-villain group, or would you mix them up?

Who would sing, who would play what instrument, and would you use B-list characters as backup singers or dancers or just anyone?

What would the band or group name be?


-Black Canary has to be the singer. That one is obvious.

-For guitar, I’m thinking Jon Kent. Even if he doesn’t know how to play it, give him literally 10 seconds and suddenly he’s as good as any professional.

-We do need someone on drums…something tells me Stephanie Brown would kill it. Someone correct if I’m wrong in case she doesn’t have any musical instrument expertise. But until then, that’s my stance.

-Ambush Bug is on Bass. I don’t have any reason, just thought it would be funny.

-Finally for keyboard/misc sound effects, I’m thinking…Kyle Rayner because why not

Band name: The Galactic Crew


Teen Titans or maybe The Archies