DC Character Inspiration

When she was cast to play the role of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot used Princess Diana as inspiration.

When he first created the character, William Moulton Marston based Wonder Woman on his wife Elizabeth Holloway and his mistress, Olive Byrne.

Heath Ledger based his Joker voice off (and maybe some of his mannerisms) off of Tom Waits

So my question to you all is:

If you were tasked with writing any DC character of your choice, who would you pick and who would you base them on??


If I were writing Batman, I would base him off of Robert Ryan. He is best known for the many film noirs he appeared in, and he even played a character bent on vengeance in Act of Violence (1949). I figure if they had made a Batman feature film in the Forties or Fifties instead of the serials, Robert Ryan would have been perfect in the role. He was very good at playing tormented characters.

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