DC Celebrity

I wonder if there’s any famous celebrities that has a account on DC streaming service and visited the DC Community, that would be so cool! People I would like to see on here and say hi to Kevin Conroy, Leslie Conor, Teri Hatcher & Dean Cain and tell them I’m a fan of a show they’re in! :slightly_smiling_face:


I always wondered the same. If some are die hards going by code names. My imagination went there too. Be so cool if they were. Law of averages should be in favor of some celebrities being DC fans & joining this site. Even if it’s just to see their friends on the live actions or voiceovers they do.


Hmm :thinking:

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I don’t know here, but Seth Rogen used to play DC Universe Online in like 2011-12. Villain side.

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That’s pretty cool, I never knew that. People put em on a pedestal, but they are human, & I’m sure they enjoy the same things as us non-celebrities. So I bet they join things like this & just keep it on the DL.

Yeah, it was more shocking he got on headset. Very distinctive voice. At first he wouldn’t admit, but we researched him and saw his hobbies were mmorpg and comic books so it made total sense.

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shanty51 cool stuff. I bet there’s some on here. I’m sure they have all the bells & whistles us lowly people don’t get & probably better service somehow. With the # of celebrities that are DC fans, plus the ones who’s friends are in these shows, added with ones who probably became fans after they heard about Titans or Aquaman or YJ or who’s kids are into it, there’s some on here almost for sure.

I would love to see more chats from the DC cast on YouTube, I saw on one episode where they said they interact, but I don’t see them.

Anyone please inform me.
(This is not ment to hate on the cast lol)