DC Celebrates Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary with Twelve Titles!

At the store I was a regular at from 2003-2011, they would pull DC stuff that wasn’t on my list on occassion.

When I saw it, I’d say (ala the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld) “No easy sale for you!”. :laughing: The employees there were a fun bunch and got me.

Afterward, I’d buy two trades to make up for that one $2.99 sale they missed out on. :wink:


So happy Wonder Woman is finally coming back in 780 but I’m not currently a fan of the status quo with the Amazons and wonderfam right now. Like this is a weird dynamic with Hippolyta being WW, Nubia the queen of Themyscira, and Yara as Wonder Girl and idk how it’s gonna work with her back.
Also pissed that Yara Flop is getting an ongoing when Cassie is Wonder Girl like… and how tf Yara get an ongoing before Donna?! I can’t judge Nubia cuz I’ve never read her but sorry I feel Donna deserves it more than her as well.
Like I said this status quo is weird and I am not a fan.


That sounds like a really good idea!

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


Thankyou so much @LastSon0fMars! :grinning:


I know you aren’t down with Twitter, if I remember correctly. However, someone has a WW:TAS Twitter profile that I think you will enjoy looking at.


Thats really cool, Thankyou. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was honestly hoping for a more detailed look at the Kingdom Come comic book series universe but from the perspective of the Kingdom Come version of Diana Prince Wonder Woman and through out her entire lifespan and honestly how old would she end up looking like over 200 plus or so years since apparently Kingdom Come universe version of Amazonian Women such as Diana Prince Wonder Woman ages each time that they give birth but do they continue to do so even after they no longer are able to give birth and could there be added into the Kingdom Come Universe even if it has to be alternative version of the Kingdom Come Universe Nubia Wonder Woman, Hypplota Wonder Woman, and Yara Flor Wonder Woman in adjacent to the traditional Diana Prince Wonder Woman?

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I also have a similar question with the Earth 2 Diana Prince Wonder Woman of the original Crisis on infinite earths.

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I guess the reason why I had mentioned it is do to it seems that there are already plenty of eternally youthful versions of Wonder Woman that the younger generations possibly anti-aging(age prejudiced) of females and the possibily anti-aging(age prejudiced)
mindset of the older females can identify with but what about the older generations of females who are of the mindset of the Pro-age mindset what female comic book characters would they be able to identify with? Welcome to the women’s pro-age revolution

We can choose to be relevant and visible rather than to quietly disappear

by [Meri Frischman / Worthy](•June 28, 2019

[![BOOM! by Cindy Joseph]

How to Be Part of the

Pro-age Revolution

[![BOOM! by Cindy Joseph]

5 Vibrant Examples of a Pro-age Woman

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall | Cindy Joseph’s Pro-Age Revolution

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Move Over Anti-Aging, It’s Time We Speak of The Pro-Aging Movement

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5 powerful benefits of ‘pro-aging’ thinking

Dr. Sharon Horesh Bergquist and Special to CNN

Updated 2:22 PM EDT, Thu April 16, 2015

The pro-aging movement: the beauty of being old

Maria Fernandez Source : Datamonitor
6 January 2015

The History of Anti-Aging Products (vs the Pro-Age movement)

Sweet Minerals(has a religious business advertisement start and so the video could be ignored if that is your personal choice I just thought that the topic of the video related)

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I’m just generally hyped about all the Wonder Woman love coming later this year, but for sure I’m most looking forward to the 80th anniversary special and the oversized issue 780. I’d love it if they did a hardcover release of those like they did with 750.

I also am looking forward to Nubia’s series, since I think she is overdue for some love and attention from DC. Nubia: Real One was a great read.

Finally, I’ve read the first issue of Black&Gold and I really enjoyed both the art and the mini-stories it tells. Looking forward to the rest of that series. :star_struck:


This is what Marvel comics has been doing with its characters anniversary celebrations. I thought that DC comics might be interested in doing similar projects. Fantastic Four: Life Story
Published by: [Marvel Comics]

Spider-Man: Life Story (2019)

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DC did the basic concept with John Bryne’s Generations

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Yeah I got that but that was an fairly old series. I was talking about a more recent modern variation with historical events to current events. And with historical characters and characterization to modern/current characters and characterization.

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