DC Celebrated The Legacy Of Green Lantern John Stewart With A Commemorative Hardcover Collection!

Green Lantern: John Stewart – A Celebration of 50 Years Collects An All-Star Lineup of DC’s Most Iconic Stories Featuring Its First Black Super Hero

Collection Also Includes Original Essays Commemorating John Stewart’s Heritage and Contribution to the DC Universe

From characters such as Cyborg, Nubia, Bumblebee, Mister Miracle Shilo Norman, Vixen, Steel and Black Lightning, to Milestone characters such as Static, Icon & Rocket and Hardware, to new heroes such as Tim Fox, The Next Batman and Naomi, DC boasts a proud tradition of Black Super Heroes populating its colorful universe.

But as DC’s first Black Super Hero, and since his first appearance on the cover and in the pages of Green Lantern #87 on October 28, 1971, John Stewart has worn the ring of the Green Lantern Corps with honor, dignity, and unparalleled courage. On June 22, 2021, DC recognizes this trailblazer with a hardcover collection of his greatest adventures! Check out the full article over on DCComics.com now!

Are you excited about this Commemorative Collection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! :point_down:


Happy 50th Anniversary Jon Stewart! He’s definitely one of the greatest Green Lantern ever! :grinning:
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John Stewart is a bit of an odd character for me. He’s a favorite character of mine, but in concept only.

How he’s been portrayed in the comics (for the most part), and in the various animated series, I’m ambivalent towards… or to be more exact, I’m indifferent.

How I envision him in my mind is who John Stewart is to me.

I start with of course GREEN LANTERN #87.

Then pick up again with GREEN LANTERN: MOSIAC.

And somewhere in-between there is John Ridley’s issue #1 of THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE.

First early on…

And then later…

And that’s John Stewart for me. And I’m content.


Interesting that there’s going to be an essay on John Stewart by John Ridley in this collection. I’m curious to read that.

Much in the way that Joker gave me my “ideal,” or definitive, take on the character of the Joker, I suspect it’ll take a film to give me the same for John Stewart.

So my definitive John Stewart will most likely come from a Green Lantern movie.

And of course the Protagonist from Tenet as my fan cast for John Stewart.

John David Washington.


John Stewart my favorite green lantern


Oh, this is so cool! I have always been a huge John Stewart fan.