DC bracket beatdown!

The original blue beetle Ted Kord


Mr miracle himself

They’re both very smart and well-equipped, but Scott has access to Fourth World technology, is trained as a soldier of Apokolips, and is just really slippery. I’m going to have to say Mister Miracle wins this one.

Though I should note that the original Blue Beetle was actually Dan Garrett. Garrett was just killed off and replaced with Ted before DC acquired the rights to the Blue Beetle name, but he’s still involved with Ted and Jaime’s respective backstories.

Scott Free (aka Mister Miracle).

If he can repeatedly thumb his nose at the likes of Darkseid and crew, then Ted, smart and innovative as he is, would be a walk in the park.

MM could open a random Boom Tube and boot Ted in the hinder right into the cosmic unknown.

So much for their days as Justice League buddies.

It’s MM, he escaped the X-Pit. He is more resourceful and adaptable.