DC black label

Hows every one feeling about the new series .batman damned is cool I’m liking it personally and hope that issue 2 is just as mysterious . I’m really looking forward to what other stories there gonna do for black label a mature wonder woman is a must!


As far as comics go, it’s what I’m the most excited about. For me, continuity has become a bit of a hinderance in story telling. There’s also a lot of continuity that I just don’t like. Giving creators the opportunity to tell more mature stories and being able to tell more timeless stories without the chains of continuity is right up my alley.


I love the idea of Black Label but I see DC is already backing down on an adult import due to backlash from the bat-a-wang and editing content. I wish they’d just go for it and not compromise…


I’m just excited for the Johnnie Walker / Question crossover. That’ll be neat.

I really liked the first issue of Damned and looking forward to most of the other books linked to it. I’m not liking what I’m hearing about the call to censor the rest of the line after the controversy from that first issue. DC should have just stuck to their guns. These are stories for older people with more explicit content. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, plain and simple.


Hear hear, when they tried to course correct in their films they failed, don’t do the same here


Personally, I love continuity when it’s done well.

But I also love the ability to tell different stories aimed at different audiences with different maturity levels. I don’t understand how we’re mixing these two things up with Black Label.

DC’s got whole lines of comics, books, and media aimed at younger kids. And no one’s worried about this stuff infecting the main-line continuity. (I’m taking about Golden Books Little People, Tiny Titans and the like. There’s tons of it. )

So, why can’t Black Label be treated the same? It should be a separate line of adult-oriented media. And sure, the editors should all get on the same page about what content’s acceptable and what’s not. But there should be no confusion that these stories are in the main-line continuity. That way, the creators can do whatever they want.

When Vertigo first branched away from DC, there was about a month’s worth of confusion. After that, Vertigo could take a pre-established character (like Animal Man, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing) and no one was confused. Plus, Vertigo had the freedom to completely redefine characters (like Sandman, Black Orchid, and Shade, the Changing Man).

Black Label should be able to do the same thing.

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I agree with what everyone else said on the matter really. Its super exciting (most stoked for last knight on earth personally) but when the first issue gets pulled because of its mature content, it undermines the whole concept. But hey im cool with my comic collection having a bit of monitary value here and there so its whatever on that topic.